5 best free computer screen imaging software for Windows 10


5 best free computer screen imaging software for Windows 10

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 Best free computer screen imaging software:
Windows 10 Snip & Sketch: 
Flashback Express: 
Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro: 
Free Cam:

You may need to film the computer screen many times for various reasons. You may want to share what you see in front of you on the screen with one of your friends or even technical support for a program or site in order to help you solve the problem you are facing.

Whatever the reason you want, you cannot dispense with computer screen imaging programs, of course, there are ways to easily photograph your computer screen from within the Windows 10 system and it is also free and for this, we will mention it with us today in our article but what we are talking about is programs that enable you to record Computer screen - even if it is a video or image as you like - very easy and professional.

 Best free computer screen imaging software:

Of course, there are a lot of programs, but we will rely on three basic conditions to be able to choose the programs in an appropriate way and explain them to you:

The program should be free of charge
It is preferred that the program has the ability to photograph a computer screen video
It must support Windows 10
Why is it preferable for the program to shoot a video? In fact, this matter from our personal experience is the best, especially in solving problems, you may need to solve a problem, which of course will not appear in one image so instead of taking more than one image, it is better to record a video screen, it is a lot easier, however, we will mention a program or two They take the normal picture
Now, let's start with our list of programs:

Windows 10 Snip & Sketch :

This program is available free of charge inside Windows 10 system starting from last year update which was issued to it, this means that you will not find it in old versions but certainly, you will find it in modern versions, in old versions it was called Snipping Tool but now it includes many options.

Using the program is very easy, either you open the program and inside it you press New or you press a group of buttons (Windows + shift + letter S) to be able to take a picture of the screen easily.

When you take a picture by selecting New, you are allowed to choose a time period like Timer that starts after descending before it takes the snapshot, which is very convenient if you want to take a picture of a program that you haven't opened yet.
The program is free and does not require downloading, it is integrated with Windows 10 as we said.


Personally I have been using this program for more than two years and I have not been disappointed at any time throughout this time and me, as you know, need to take different pictures and videos of a screen for the explanations continuously.

The program includes within it a giant group of tools that you will not need more than when it comes to taking pictures or video of the screen, you can take pictures of the screen in different smart modes and can automatically determine the program you want to take a picture of it and you can also use it to make GIFs or record a part video Set from the screen or the entire screen if you wish.

The program also includes an Image Editor built in it that can modify the images in a simple and fast way such as adding Pixels boxes to confuse and save confidential information, adding step numbers, or even adding a logo automatically.

Flashback Express:

Although it is a free copy of a fully paid program, it still offers a set of very sufficient features for anyone who wants to record a computer screen video to publish a problem or solve it, or even to record how to solve the problem with video with ease. 

The program interface is very easy and does not include any limits for screen recording time, as it can record audio from different audio sources, whether the device's internal speakers - to record the computer's own voice - or through an external microphone to record the device's external sound in addition to selecting the part you want to record from the screen Whether it is the entire screen or a small part of it, you can for example record what is displayed in a specific program or only part of the screen, but not the rest of it, in addition to recording your webcam if you wish.
The program exports images to a wide range of different formats and very popular, such as MP4, AVI, and other formats.

Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro:

What sets this program apart from others is that it comes with full support for the Arabic language in its own interface, which makes it easy for many to use and does not make its support for the Arabic language deceive you. It is an integrated program and is able to do many things and steps that you need.
The program allows you to record from a web camera and an external microphone or through the computer screen and its internal sound, you can also specify a specific area for recording without others in addition to various other tools such as the ability to hide passwords during video recording and change the wallpaper automatically to suit what you want to display Hide icons on the desktop, focus on the mouse, move behind the mouse, and more.

The program also has a suitable small video editing tool that enables you to edit the video in a simple and slightly basic way, after which you can export the video in various popular formats to MKV or FLV so that you can upload it to YouTube directly in a format suitable for it.

You can also link your accounts in different locations with the program and then share the recorded clips directly to it in a very easy way with one click of a button.

Free Cam:

This program is geared more towards electronic teachers and online commentators, as it includes a wide range of features that can help them perform their work very efficiently.

The program can, of course, focus on a specific part of the screen and focus on displaying it in particular, in addition to tracking the mouse pointer, recording the sound of its clicks, the computer's internal sounds and the sounds from the microphone, and after that adding simple or quiet soundtracks to your clip.

The program includes a simple and sufficient but primitive video and audio editing tool where you can cut and remove what you want to remove and other things as you can control the volume and its various effects.

From within the program, you can share the video with the various platforms or even save it to your computer with one simple click.