Laptops with RTX SUPER graphics processors combine the best of technology with an elegant design


Laptops with RTX SUPER graphics processors combine the best of technology with an elegant design

When NVIDIA unveiled a series of GeForce RTX SUPER graphics processors a few weeks ago, attention was directed to the big brands that produce laptops to see what the company will provide with processors that allow moving to another level of performance, especially in the field of games, especially as it will integrate the power of performance with the Max- design The elegant Q that brings with it the latest technology as well.

Since then, major laptop manufacturers have adopted GeForce RTX SUPER processors on more than 100 different devices that feature the Max-Q design. Combine the best inboard hardware with the best available technology to make hardware performance smoother and streamlined, especially for gamers and challenging tasks from innovators and creators.

Mounting performance with GeForce RTX SUPER

NVIDIA RTX SUPER graphics processors provide 25% faster performance than the previous generation, which means an increase in the rate of frames per second, and thus faster speed and higher smoothness for users, especially in games. Between this and that, laptops with RTX 2070 SUPER graphics processors and RTX 2080 SUPER design and features Max-Q give their owners the best possible performance and speed on the market.

And since the new NVIDIA graphics processors were the second generation of processors working with distinctive ray tracing technology, the company added with it an update of DLSS technology with version 2.0 which depends on artificial intelligence and deep learning to raise the performance of processors and devices significantly up to twice more.

While the RTX 2070 SUPER and the RTX 2080 SUPER processors provide the fastest speed for users between the processors on the market in normal mode, activating DLSS 2.0 technology will give them a much higher speed.

Max-Q technologies have doubled the performance of laptops with the new generation of NVIDIA graphics processors

Although GeForce RTX SUPER ray graphics processors offer 25% faster performance than the previous generation, laptops supported by these processors will provide twice the speed compared to previous generation computers, thanks to Max-Q technologies that have added an incredible touch of speed and performance to Devices while maintaining distinct design and the same power source - 80W.
The largest brands of notebook computers have collaborated with NVIDIA to develop the best performance devices. Between providing the necessary performance with graphics, there has been continuous work to improve the work of computers in various angles with Max-Q technologies such as Advanced Optimus or Dynamic Boost available on some devices. .

Dynamic Boost

Dynamic Boost technology delivers the energy balance needed between the GPU and the CPU on multiple devices like the Acer Triton 500, providing additional power of up to 15W for the GPU from the CPU when loads are increased in operations that require higher performance such as games.

It works intelligently when needed only when the graphics processor needs to increase the frame rate, making it provide a 10% higher frame rate.

Advanced Optimus

While Advanced Optimus technology, which is available on screen support devices with G-SYNC technology and allows it to maintain battery life for a longer period, it balances between the work of NVIDIA graphics processor and the internal graphics processor on the devices based on the real-time use and applications that the user is working on .

The technology will automatically switch the work on the internal graphics processor at low loads and thus turn off the NVIDIA processor until the time of need, which will significantly extend battery life. As with the Lenovo Legion 7i and Legion 5i laptops, which are the first to adopt the technology.


NVIDIA DLSS technology built into the cores of Tensor Cores in RTX tracking processors is based on artificial intelligence and deep learning as mentioned above, and while it allows for faster performance and higher frame rates per second while playing, it extends battery life at the same time with the help of BatteryBoost technology.

When BatteryBoost works with DLSS, the user will get clear, smooth images and a higher speed while playing, with about 20% less battery consumption, which is a big boost for him to move freely to perform what he wants without fear of battery failure.

These technologies are available with more than 25 different devices with screens that support a frame rate of 300 frames per second, making it faster and smoother as well as providing purity and quality of presentation.

You can experience a unique experience with NVIDIA processors with RTX tracking technology with dozens of options available on the market, including Razer Blade gaming laptops available in the Jarir Bookstore, as well as many options with RTX SUPER computers.