The free Snip & Sketch program for Windows 10


The free Snip & Sketch program for Windows 10

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Today we will offer you a screenshot program that is integrated with Windows 10, mostly for free. You will find it freely available for you in Windows 10 in the latest versions of it. You can download it for free from the Microsoft Store, and we will address that in our article today.
The Snip & Sketch program comes to replace the old version of it, which had been around since Windows 7, which is called the Snipping tool, do not mistake, because the Snipping Tool was one of the powerful and distinct tools in its time on Windows 7, but all Windows programs evolve to try to keep pace with the development of the world and other programs around it.

Snip & Sketch features:

As we said, Snip & Sketch program comes free with Windows 10, it does not cost you to download anything and most likely you will not need to download the program from its origin and this is the most important feature of the program, through the program you can easily take pictures and screenshot and register your computer screen with the press of a button which is as we said Integrated with Windows.

As for the options and additional capabilities, the program is unfortunately poor in it somewhat and somewhat a little, because the program only allows you to draw some lines and small selections on the screenshot that you took and does not give you a lot of possibilities and options like the rest of the Screen Shot programs that we will talk about later in other articles.
The most important thing that really distinguishes the program is the possibility of registering a screenshot shot using the Free Form method and not adhering to the regular and rectangular selection boxes and other usual ways to define the area of registration of the shot, with this screenshot program you can take the saccharin shot randomly and it is not required to be a clear engineering form and will I explain it to you in the method below.

How to use Snip & Sketch:

Well the method is very easy and there is not a lot of complexity in it and there are two options we will talk about, the first is to take a screenshot from the keyboard buttons without resorting to a computer and is done in the following way:

The first way is through buttons:

Press the keyboard on the Windows, Shift, and S letter set of buttons to automatically switch to the photo capture screen.

The second way through the program:
Search from the start menu for the Snip & Sketch program and then open it, then click on the New button in blue at the top and this will give you three options as you can see in the image below:

The first choice is to take saccharin shot now and immediately

The second option is to take it after three seconds

The third option is to take it after ten seconds

Of course, choose which method you like and that is appropriate for us, so we can move together to the next screen.

Now that we have determined the way we want to take the picture, we will see the following screen:
When this screen appears to you, the box at the top surrounded by red is the way to deal with the program and its commands, and they are as follows:

1- Take a Screen Shot for a rectangular area that you define
2- Take a Screen Shot for a free area that you draw as you wish, you will see this below
3- Take a Screen Shot for a specific window without the rest of the windows
4- Take a Screen Shot for the entire screen

Of course, you will choose from these options as you need and as you wish, and then you will proceed to the next step, which is the amendment to the image:
As you can see, I took a free screenshot, and this is the result in front of you:

Above you will find a set of editing tools that will help you to draw on these saccharin shots that you have taken, such as a ruler, a marker, a marker, or other very basic tools.

When you have finished the editing process as desired, click on the save icon and save your file.

Download Snip And Sketch:
As we said, Snip and sketch is a free program that comes with Windows 10, but if you don't find it, you can download it for free from here.