Samsung Galaxy Buds Live review

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live audit 

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live feel and sound extraordinary requiring little to no effort, however, the commotion dropping is inadequate 


The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live offers extraordinary sound quality and battery life at the cost, however, those looking for genuine ANC earbuds should look somewhere else. 


Incredible sound quality 

Entirely agreeable structure 

Strong battery life 

Loads of valuable highlights 


Commotion dropping is unpretentious 

Conflicting touch controls 

Blended amplifier quality 

The present best Samsung Galaxy Buds Live arrangements 

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live hopes to proceed with Samsung's series of wins with remote earbuds, following the current year's magnificent Galaxy Buds Plus. 
What's more, from various perspectives they do, as Samsung's one of a kind bean-formed earbuds convey astounding sound quality and solid battery life inside a smooth and agreeable structure. 
They likewise guarantee dynamic commotion wiping out for just $169, which is $80 not as much as what you'll pay for Apple's AirPods Pro. 

Be that as it may, as we found in our Galaxy Buds Live audit, the ANC found on these earphones can't rival what you'll discover from Sony and Apple. 
Furthermore, Samsung's earbuds keep on battling with regards to giving solid touch controls.
 Yet, if you need a very much evaluated pair of buds that look and sound extraordinary, the Galaxy Buds Live despite everything stand their ground against a large number of the best remote earbuds out there — particularly if you own a Galaxy telephone. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: Price 

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live is accessible beginning August 6 for $169. You have a decision of three hues — Mystic Black, Mystic Copper, and Mystic White — which happen to coordinate the shading choices of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. 

Lamentably, there as of now is certifiably not a Mystic Green choice to coordinate the most striking shading plan of the standard Note 20. 


Battery life: 7 hours/22 hours with case (ANC + Bixby); 5.4 hours/21 hours (ANC); 9 hours/40 hours (ANC + Bixby off) 

Similarity: Android 5.0/iPhone 7 or more current 

Water resistance:is IPX2

Size: 17.5 x 28.3 x 15.9mm (earbuds); 50 x 50.3 x 28.8mm (case) 

Weight: 0.20 ounces (earbuds); 15.8 ounces (case) 

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: Design and solace 

It's been said around the web throughout recent months, however, the Galaxy Buds Live genuinely resemble a couple of beans. Notwithstanding, that doesn't mean they're not smooth and snazzy in their own right.
 The Buds Live have a one of a kind bend to them that permits them to fit shockingly well in my ears (more on that later), and I like that their structure sits flush with my ears and doesn't hang out of them as my AirPods do. 

Similarly, as with past Samsung earbuds, the Buds Live additionally stand apart from the AirPods and AirPods Pro gratitude to the way that they come in various hues. 
While our survey unit arrived in an Apple-like white, you can likewise get the Buds Live in a beautiful Mystic Bronze or Mystic Black — the two of which should coordinate their separate Galaxy Note 20 models pleasantly.

The Buds Live's bent square charging case is one of the greater ones I've utilized, standing taller than the AirPods case however not as wide as the Galaxy Buds Plus' pill-molded holder. 
All things considered, I incline toward this case to the one that Samsung's past earbuds dispatched with, as I thought that it was a lot simpler to locate a safe attractive seal while putting away the Buds Live.
 I additionally didn't see any significant scrapes or scratches after conveying the buds in my pockets for a few days. 

Despite their flighty plan, the Galaxy Buds Live are the absolute most agreeable remote earbuds I've at any point worn. 
The earphones settled cozily into my ears absent a lot of modification, and their 0.2-ounce configuration is so light and agreeable that I infrequently overlooked I was in any event, wearing them by any stretch of the imagination. 
The Buds Live gave a solid match to me out of the container, yet Samsung incorporates an extra arrangement of wingtips for the individuals who need more pad. 

he Galaxy Buds Live's cozy fit has one little downside, as I had a to some degree tough time hauling them out of my ears. 
It is anything but a dealbreaker, yet accepting them out isn't exactly as easy as expelling my AirPods may be. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: App and highlights 

The Buds Live can be modified through Samsung's Galaxy Wearable application on Android or Galaxy Buds application on iOS, which offers comparable usefulness put something aside for a couple of Samsung-selective highlights. 

The application permits you to flip dynamic commotion dropping, use Find My Earbuds to find a lost bud, and tweak long-press controls for each earbud.
 You can likewise switch between six sound presets, including Normal, Bass lift, Soft, Dynamic, Clear, and Treble lift.
 Each stable mode made an OK showing featuring various frequencies (especially the bass and high pitch settings), however, I found the default setting to give the best in general sound quality. 

As an iOS client, I welcome that you can appreciate these customization choices without requiring a Samsung telephone (by correlation, the Pixel Buds 2's key programming highlights are constrained to Android).
 I likewise had no issues matching the Buds Live to my own iPhone 8 Plus utilizing my Bluetooth settings, however, our Galaxy Note 10 Plus unit perceived the earbuds considerably more rapidly. 

The Galaxy Wearable application offers a few select advantages if you own a Galaxy gadget. 
That incorporates sans hands Bixby control, permitting you to utilize Samsung's voice partner to check the climate or play a melody while never removing your telephone from your pocket. There's additionally a gaming mode, which means to limit sound idleness 

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: Battery life 

The Galaxy Buds Live offers dynamic commotion crossing out, however, it's an entirely different encounter than what you'll jump on more premium buds like the Sony WF-1000XM3 and AirPods Pro. 
Named "ANC for open sort," the Buds Live's usage of clamor crossing out is intended to overwhelm little foundation commotions while as yet permitting you to hear significant sounds, for example, train declarations or close by vehicles. 

Indeed, even in light of that, the Buds Live's ANC impact is incredibly unobtrusive.
 The buds had the option to somewhat bring down the swoon murmur of my climate control system as I worked on work.
 In any case, when I moved outside, the buds did close to nothing to decrease the uproarious development sounds happening close by, nor did it hose the hints of removed vehicles driving around. 
By examination, the AirPods Pro everything except hushed the entirety of that foundation commotion. 

The Galaxy Buds' buddy application additionally gives you an alternative to allow in more surrounding sound to alleviate any sentiments of weight or firmness you have while wearing the buds with ANC off. 
While I certainly saw an adjustment in recurrence and marginally stronger encompassing commotion with this impact on, it wasn't as articulated as the committed Ambient Aware mode found on the Galaxy Buds Plus. 

The Galaxy Buds Live's commotion wiping out is perfect for dispensing with some little encompassing clamors and hearing your digital broadcasts more obviously.
 Be that as it may, in case you're attempting to shut out the substantial commotion of an uproarious family or occupied road, you're most likely happier jumping on the AirPods Pro or WF-1000XM3. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: Touch controls 

Samsung still has some work to do with regards to getting contact controls directly for its earbuds. 
While I saw the Galaxy Buds Plus as excessively delicate and inclined to unintentional sources of info, the Buds Live will in general have the contrary issue. 

A considerable lot of my fast tap signals didn't enroll from the outset until I understood that the buds react better to a concise firm touch. 
I made some better memories controlling the Buds once I became accustomed to this idiosyncrasy, however, I despise everything had periodic snapshots of the earbuds not enlisting my motions, or unintentionally reacting to a twofold tap when I intended to play out a solitary one.

As far as controls, you can play or delay music with a solitary tap, skip tunes or answer a call with a twofold tap, or go to a fast track with a triple tap.
 You can likewise pick what happens when you long-press the buds, regardless of whether you need them to flip dynamic clamor abrogation, gather your menial helper of decision, change the volume or initiate Spotify (Samsung gadgets as it were). 
I found these touch-and-hold controls for the most part dependable, even though Siri would once in a while cut out before I could pose an inquiry on iOS. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: Audio quality 

As an eager AirPods client, I as a rule find different remote earbuds to sound slightly off as far as sound quality. 
That is not the situation with the Galaxy Buds Live. 
Pressing 12mm speakers and an air vent intended to make music sound more exact and exuberant, Samsung's buds gave rich, full sound for any kind I tossed at them. 

The delicate, brave guitars and vaporous vocals of Phoebe Bridgers' "Chinese Satellite" came through obviously on Samsung's earbuds, and the track's bass, drums, and strings all sounded exuberant and pressing as the melody arrived at it's smashing crescendo.
 The same goes for Taylor Swift's "the last extraordinary American administration," as the Buds Live worked superbly protecting the melody's taking off vocals, smart electronic drums, and energetic keys. 

Things sounded similarly as brilliant and adjusted when I changed gears to the buzzy pop-troublemaker of Knuckle Puck's "Relax." The melody's stout force harmonies bobbed against the snappy lead guitar riffs with a lot of clearness, and I could without much of a stretch choose the track's numerous vocalists as they sang at the same time. 
At the point when it came time to shake out to the synth-implanted bad-to-the-bone of Underoath's "On My Teeth," my ears were impacted with immense twisted guitars, throaty vocals, and meaty drums and bass that all came through with no sloppiness. 

I saw the Buds Live as a striking advance up from the less expensive Galaxy Buds Plus regarding sound quality, as the last earbuds offer more slender in general sound that is a lot skimpier on bass. 
I likewise saw them as entirely practically identical to Apple's base AirPods as far as a totality and by and large volume. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: Battery life 

The Galaxy Buds Live are appraised for truly strong battery life, and hold up well in true use. 
Samsung guarantees as long as 8 hours from the buds and 29 hours with the case with ANC and Bixby voice wake-up off, 6 hours and 21 hours with only ANC on, and 5.5 hours and 20 hours with both ANC and Bixby wake-up enacted. 

Those numbers are to a great extent by my testing, as the Buds Live endured about two straight long periods of overwhelming use without me expecting to charge the case, and that was with a blend of having ANC on and off. 
It despite everything doesn't coordinate with the epic 11-hour battery life you'll get from the Galaxy Buds Plus, however, it has a slight edge on the 4.5 to 5 hours we got from the AirPods Pro. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: Call quality 

The Galaxy Buds Plus Live game a triple mouthpiece exhibit worked for clear calls, however, I had blended outcomes when utilizing the earbuds to converse with individuals. 
While on a Discord bunch call with a few partners, a great many people noticed that I sounded acceptably clear, yet that I was simply marginally quieted. 
Notwithstanding, on a different call, a companion noticed that I sounded far away and difficult to hear — even as I moved from an uproarious road to inside. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: Verdict 

Samsung has conveyed one more noteworthy arrangement of remote earbuds with the Galaxy Buds Live, which offers incredible in general sound quality, solid battery life, and loads of convenient highlights inside a, particularly agreeable structure. 
The earbuds offer a pleasant measure of customization alternatives utilizing Samsung's partner application, and Galaxy-elite highlights, for example, sans hands Bixby control and a gaming mode are a decent touch. 

Be that as it may, in case you're going to the Buds Live expecting genuine commotion dropping earbuds requiring little to no effort, you might need to think about some different choices. 
While Samsung's buds will sift through some atmosphere while you're tuning in to digital broadcasts, you're in an ideal situation jumping on the $229 Sony WF-1000xM3 or $249 AirPods Pro on the off chance that you need earbuds that can genuinely shut out any uproarious environmental factors during work or play.
 If it's all the same to you relinquishing some stable quality, the $149 Galaxy Buds Plus are less expensive and offer a remarkable surrounding sound mode for allowing in outside commotions. 

While they're kept down by a couple of eccentricities, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live is an amazing pair of remote earbuds that make an incredible option in contrast to Apple's base $159 AirPods and Google's $179 Pixel Buds 2 for those with Galaxy telephones. Simply don't expect vivid commotion dropping at the cost.