Astra flash 10700 HD mini


flash Astra 10700 HD mini

Board number                                                                          

programmable flash rt 809f

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Astra 10700T HD Mini

SD/HD Support‎(‎MPEG4 AVC/H‎.‎264‎)‎
Multimedia Player function
Event Timer
High Definition Video output ‎:‎ HDMI and Audio/Video Output
Supports HDMI‎-digital interface for perfect transmission of picture and sound
Channel sorting by HD/SD‎,‎ FTA ‎,‎ CAS ‎,‎ Alphabetic order & lock channels
Satellite Scan ‎(‎Blind‎,‎ Auto‎)‎
EPG‎:‎ Current and Next or 7 days EPG
Video output resolution‎:‎ 480i‎,‎ 480p‎,‎ 576i‎,‎ 576p‎,‎ 720p_50Hz‎,‎ 720P_60Hz‎,‎ 1080i_50Hz‎,‎1080i_60Hz‎,‎1080p_50Hz‎,‎ 1080P_60Hz‎.‎
Kinds of language OSD display ‎(‎Arabic‎,‎ English‎,‎…‎.‎‎.‎‎)‎
6‎,‎000 Channel TV & Radio Program
Standby for Low Power Consumptio