Find out the specifications of the used Android phone that you want to buy



Do not worry anymore about knowing the specifications of the used Android phone that you want to buy .. Here are applications that help you in this aspect

Smartphone users often encounter some confusion regarding the specifications of the phone, and with the apparent diversity from one phone to another and the difference in the design and developer companies, it becomes more difficult to identify and know everything about what the phone hides from the technology it uses in the installation and also that it organizes as a main hardware. ... And in the following from the post, we will provide you with applications that will help you in fetching information about any Android phone you want to see its specifications before purchasing it.  

Applications that help you to view the specifications of Android phones  

In the event that you are thinking about replacing your phone, it will be difficult to determine the specifications of the new phone that you want to purchase from the phone store, and here I hint about used phones, that is, it is very difficult to trust the seller, but to remove the curtain and know what the phone includes in terms of specifications you only have to use With one of these applications that will play the role and bring you all the information and specifications that the Android phone is characterized by. ..

Inware app 

What about you getting a detailed and arranged report about the phone's specifications, if your answer is in the affirmative in the case, the Inware application available on the  Google Play Store will be a more appropriate solution for you to get the phone's specifications before the purchase process ... The application, despite its small size, provides you with enough information to cover All you need to know about the device before purchasing it, as it will provide you with information about the system that uses the phone along with some details about the hardware including the camera, memory, network card strength and battery, and most importantly is the second information that you will need to cover your knowledge of the technology supported by the phone , and as We previously mentioned all of this in an orderly and harmonious manner, even about the user interface. It is very simple and smooth to use. It is also a setter that targets everyone even if you do not have an in-depth knowledge of the field of hardware phones.

Device Info HW app 

If you are looking for a more professional application and do not care about the issue of the carefully designed user interface. What only matters to you is the information obtained, here is the most appropriate option, which is the Device Info HW application available on the  Google Play  platform  . This last application will not only provide you with the specifications of the phone, but it will give you a lot of additional information that you will need to get to know the phone more and the beautiful thing is that it gives you many portals according to the type, where we find the first gate that opens with the application is the General portal and the latter gives you selected information and A summary of the device, but if you want more details here, you only need to swipe the fingerprint of the index finger to the left and right to move you to the phone window to second tabs that are professionally classified, and you will find a System portal that includes all the information about the phone system by checking, the Memory and Camera gateway, and many ... 

The Geekbench app 

If you are not satisfied with obtaining the specifications of the phone and want to upgrade to the level of testing the phone, here you will find the  Geekbench   application  for Android phones as a testing tool designed to measure the strength and performance of the processor supported by the phone you are testing to provide you in the end with all information about the performance of the processor, but this tool will need you. Have a background in the field of mobile hardware so that you can evaluate the strength of the phone's performance