Google Chrome and download files by 35% more


 Golden tips I recommend you to speed up your browser Google Chrome and download files by 35% more than your normal speed!

Golden tips I recommend you to speed up your browser Google Chrome and download files by 35% more than your normal speed!

Hardly any home is now without the means to access the Internet through smart phones, so that some people consider it a necessity of daily life in their personal lives, and given the conditions the world is going through through this pandemic, the uptake of the Internet has become unprecedented. This has led to pressure on servers and local internet networks and has caused a significant decrease in the speed of the Internet for everyone, which is what has prompted many major technology companies such as YouTube and Netflix to reduce the video quality options on their platforms in order to absorb this pressure, if you are between the excess pressure. They operate from home these days, it may happen that your other Internet connection is not as fast as you need, which will negatively affect the performance of your work, whether you have a large number of devices that are connected to your network, or you have interference from your network. Your profile is very slow, so in this new post we will share with youSteps you can take to take advantage of the real internet speed, through your Google Chrome browser.

 Enable parallel downloading 

By enabling this feature, you will be able to increase the download speed to about 33% according to KeyCDN. In the first step, you will access this link: chrome: // flags

Then search for parallel downloading in the search bar as shown in the picture.

Now select the "Enabled" option in this window. 

Restart your browser again to save the new changes, by clicking on the option Realunch 

Now you may notice a significant improvement in the download speed, but since the feature itself is still being tried, it is very likely that it does not match some of the browser settings, and if this is the case for you, please return the previous options to their original settings.

Disable unnecessary plugins 

Some add-ons consume your browser bandwidth when they run in the background, and this may negatively affect your download speed, and for this reason everyone is advised to remove the extensions that seem unnecessary or temporarily disable them at a time when you do not need them, and this procedure will lead to placing the extension in Sleep mode, but it is always ready whenever you want to use it. To do so, you have to click on this option.

Then, you decide which extensions you want to remove, a step that will make Chrome in the future use less memory and faster in performance.

Close the many windows 

By getting rid of unnecessary tabs, you can contribute to making your browser not consume additional resources during the download process, as well as making the device not slow down over time.

If there are some important webpages that you want to save for later viewing , you can use a hosting known as OneTab , and when you find yourself with too many tabs open, you just need to click the OneTab icon to turn all the tabs into a list. You need to access it again, you can either restore it individually or all at once.   

Other practical tips to increase your file upload speed: 

Make sure that there are no viruses or malware inside your browser, because these programs usually use an Internet connection to download unwanted add-ons or transfer your valuable data to the party that is spying on you. 

Always make sure to install the latest version of Google Chrome because it often comes with more new features, especially at the level of security, in addition to better stability and improved performance of the device and browser as well.  

- Make sure to install add-ons that help in increasing the download process, such as the Online download mangment extension that helps to split downloaded files before starting to download them, which will increase their download speed