How to Set Your Homepage for Quick Access on Mac, iPhone, and iPad


How to Set Your Homepage for Quick Access on Mac, iPhone, and iPad

Mastering Safari: How to Set Your Homepage for Quick Access on Mac, iPhone, and iPad"


Your Safari homepage is more than just a landing page; it's a gateway to your preferred online destination. Whether it's a go-to news source, a reliable weather forecast, or your favorite tech site like, customizing your Safari homepage can enhance your browsing experience. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to change your Safari homepage on Mac, iPhone, and iPad, ensuring you can quickly access your favorite site every time you open your browser.

On Mac

Customizing your Safari homepage on Mac is a simple process. Follow these steps to make your preferred website the first thing you see when you launch Safari:

1. Click Safari > Preferences from the top menu bar.
2. Choose the General tab.
3. Enter the URL of your desired website next to Homepage or click "Set Current Page" if you're already on the site.

4. Extend the convenience to new windows and tabs by selecting your homepage for both options in the Safari Preferences window.

For a personalized touch, discover how to set an image as your Safari homepage on Mac, showcasing your favorite memories or visuals each time you open your browser.

On iPhone and iPad

While iOS lacks a direct Homepage setting in Safari, you can create a workaround to always open Safari with your favorite page. Here's a quick workaround:

1. Open Safari on your iPhone or iPad and navigate to the site you want to use.
2. Tap the Share button at the bottom.
3. Select "Add to Home Screen."
4. Name your shortcut and tap Add.

Now, with a simple tap on your shortcut, you can instantly open Safari to your designated "Homepage."

Note: If a website defaults to a reader or mobile mode, switch to the desktop version before creating the shortcut for optimal results.


Customizing your Safari homepage is a game-changer for quick access to your preferred online destinations. Whether on Mac, iPhone, or iPad, these simple steps ensure that your favorite website is just a click away every time you open Safari. Have you set your Safari homepage yet? Share your experiences and tips for using Safari on Mac or iOS in the comments below. And for more Safari tips and tricks, explore our related articles: