How to Create and Manage To-Dos in WhatsApp



We regularly need to make tasks from WhatsApp messages. It very well maybe your accomplice informing you to purchase food supplies or your associate after up on an undertaking. In any case, you don't need to leave WhatsApp any longer to refresh your plan for the day. With Any. Do, it's as straightforward as sending a message. 

Any. Do offers a WhatsApp bot that helps you to remember your forthcoming errands, and lets you add new ones right from the informing application. It's just accessible for clients who have bought into the $2.99/month premium arrangement, in any case. Here are the means by which to set it up. 

To empower the WhatsApp administration, head over to Any. Do's web application. Next, click the stuff symbol in the upper right corner to uncover a dropdown menu.

Open Any.Do settings

Select “Integrations” and then click “WhatsApp Reminders.”

Set up Any.Do WhatsApp bot

Type in your WhatsApp-connected phone number.

Type in your WhatsApp-connected phone number.

Any.Do will send you a two-factor authentication SMS. Enter that to verify the connection.

Verify Any.Do WhatsApp bot

That’s it. On WhatsApp, you will immediately receive a confirmation text from the Any.Do bot.

To create a new task in your Any.Do account on WhatsApp, all you need to do is ping the bot. For instance, open the WhatsApp app on your iPhoneAndroid, or on the web and then send “Get groceries.” The bot will automatically append a to-do with the text as the title in your default Any.Do list.

Add Any.Do Tasks From WhatsApp

The Any.Do bot also understands natural language input for due dates. Therefore, instead of typing up a specific time, you can tell it to remind you of a task say next week or tomorrow.

Add Any.Do tasks from WhatsApp with natural language

Alternatively, if you’re looking to add a task out of an incoming text, you don’t have to type anything at all. You can just forward messages to the Any.Do chat to turn them into to-dos.

The Any.Do WhatsApp bot can even notify you when a task is due. But in case you find this redundant since you might already have other app notification enabled, you have the option to switch it off.

To do that, visit the Any.Do website and navigate to the gear icon menu > Integrations > WhatsApp Reminders. Click the “Off” button.

Navigate to the gear icon menu > Integrations > WhatsApp Reminders. Click the “Off” button.

Here, you can also disconnect Any.Do from your WhatsApp account by selecting the “Disconnect” button.

Similar to Any.Do’s bot integration, there are several services that allow you to easily turn emails into tasks.