Pixel phones' camera app with all its features


Pixel phones' camera app with all its features

An exclusive way to get the G Camera app for Pixel phones, with all its professional features, on any phone you can think of!

Often the phone's camera application is useless when it comes to professional photography, and to deal with this problem, Google introduced a camera application known as Google Camera, which is an application that has revolutionized photography through mobile phones, providing only the supported application to work in The Google Pixel series phones produce the best images with the best quality and accuracy possible compared to other phone cameras. 

And although it holds major modifications to its photography software, for example, the Google Camera application is the one that allows the output of those high-quality images.


 Professional in night lighting.Etc., this is the reason why many users, especially photography enthusiasts, search for a way to download the application on their phones that do not belong to the Google Pixel series of phones, and unfortunately the Google Camera application is not currently available for downloading directly from the Play Store for unsupported phones, but with efforts to hate Developers Google Camera is now possible to download in any phone that respects some simple conditions, which are requirements once available that guarantee taking advantage of the same features of the application on the original Pixel phones.

Recently, Google released two new smartphones related to the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5, both phones support the 5G network and contain the powerful Snapdragon 765G processor, in addition to the latest version of Android 11, and in terms of imaging, the two phones are combined with the Google app Camera version 8.0, which is the latest version of the "Google Camera" application from Google, comes supported by a set of exciting features and improvements, just like all other versions of Google Camera. 

A duplicate version of this version of the application has been provided to support other Android devices not belonging to the series. Pixel, which is the new GCam 8.0 mod app.

Requirements for running the duplicate version of Google Camera, version 8.0

- Your phone must support the Camer2API indicator to run the application, and to verify this, you can use the services of the Camera2 API Probe application to verify whether your phone supports the feature or not, and in the event that options such as: Limite - Full - Level_3 appear in green, then your phone is in This case is supported. - Your device must be running Android OS version 10 at least.

How to play GCamera Mod:

This duplicate version of the application is still in the beta stage, so you can expect some errors and minor kinks while using the application, and through this link you can download it easily.