The easiest way to bypass or change passwords for Windows 10 or other versions



The easiest way to bypass or change passwords for Windows 10 or other versions

Forgetting your password is never going to be a simple thing, especially if you don't have any technical background. Fortunately, there is an easy way to reset the Windows password of all versions without losing your private data. All you need is a simple tool that you can download at the bottom of the post, and follow the next explanation of how to use it.

The tool that we will use to recover and change Windows password is called "Passcape Reset Windows Password". After downloading the tool as an ISO file, you will need a program to burn it to USB, CD or DVD, as you choose. Scan the program " rufus ", it is easy and simple.

After burning and configuring the tool on USB or CD, you now go to your device and choose to boot from the USB or CD.

Then the program interface will appear for you. Once you select the mode, you are provided with a list of different operations that you can perform in order to process the password on your device, and you can choose the first option and click on the next.

And on the second window, click on "Next" without changing anything.

 The next step is to choose the account whose password you want to change, and you click on the following:

After selecting the user and in the new window, you can now either change the password with a new one, in the "new password" field, or you can click "Reset / Change" to save the current password file in the USB stick for use and retrieval.

But I recommend that you choose to change the password and restart the device.