The new giant Joker Premium



 The new giant Joker Premium
🤡 joker premium x
device specifications
✅ Sun Plus 2507 flash 8 mega server Dqcam
📌Nashir server month (terrible server)
✅ Iptv server 🍊 orange for 15 months
📌Presented to the new software through the ftb
✅ Supports DLNA feature
📌Ecast feature to fully control your mobile phone and display photos and videos
✅ Turn on Ip To Sat feature (to run me in Sport on Nilesat)
✅ Play Radio between Sport ip audio feature
(To enjoy watching foreign channels with Arabic commentary)
✅ The ability to connect the device with the Lan Internet cable
✅ Supports Wi-Fi and 3G
✅ Add all Kinds Protocol Function
✅Supports time shift
✅Supports 2 USB
✅A subscription for DQcam for a year other than the publisher
✅ Ramot with full function and great reception power
✅ Watching movies from the Internet🔝
✅Its full HD 1080p image
✅Support elegant and elegant menu with wonderful backgrounds with the ability to accept the original software
✅ Receiver Fatih YouTube and search in Arabic
✅A distinguished movie library with the latest Arab and foreign films, constantly updated
✅ 8 mega flash and 1 gig RAM
✅ The ability to operate on computer screens
✅ Ongoing technical support and explanations to facilitate
✅ Translation feature for any language
✅ Parental closure
✅You can renew the subscription after the end of the server, through us
✅Supports Dolby sound efficiently
✅The possibility of inserting the blades manually from the outside
✅Ready to work on TVs via AV 3 * 1

Download a full flash device