Three apps to make the most of the stylus for Android devices


Three apps to make the most of the stylus for Android devices

The digital pen technology integrated with Android devices is also a technology that performs many useful and helpful functions for the owner of the device, but despite this, most of the people do not benefit from the pen better because it is only limited to the default applications that come with the phone ... But in the following of the blogging we will share with you applications It will help you get the most out of the stylus.  

Applications to make great use of the electronic pen for smart devices  

The following of the apps are just a bunch of blog suggestion where in return there are many of them with different and unique functions ...

Google Handwritng app  

Provided by Google with most of the applications that are designed to support writing on the keyboard with a digital pen, you find that it does not support many different languages, which makes the issue of writing using the pen on these applications almost difficult, but other than it we find the Google HandWritng input application, which is the most powerful application that allows its users to write in many Of languages ​​for up to 100 languages, and this is a positive point, and the second aspect that nominates this application from the most powerful applications is that it supports the ability to draw emoji and keda expressive faces and support them with the writing area ...  

SketchBook draw and paint app - Sketchpad  

As for drawing enthusiasts, in this case, they will have the Sketchbook application ... which is an application that includes many tools for drawing, including a large collection of colors, and to support the possibility of saving projects in several image formats you can share and also the unique feature that among Formulas It supports a special Photoshop format in order to be able to re-upload the drawing to Photoshop and modify it.  

Squid Take Notes - the digital notepad   

The Squid application will stop you from carrying your notebook after installing it, the application allows you to convert your smartphone or tablet device, as well as your ChromeBook computer that supports the possibility of installing Android applications into a portable notebook that you can write on, and the most beautiful is that you can write in your handwriting on the lines of the notebook. 

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