Unusual search engines I recommend you to try


Unusual search engines I recommend you to try

Four unusual search engines I recommend you to try them right on your phone!

It is true that most modern web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge provide new updates that mostly include some security features that will protect users from suspicious operations that may lead to the theft of personal data, if you do not want to be tracked by your Internet service provider.

You have, it is better to use some powerful search engine services as of now because it has many powerful features compared to other well-known search engines. 

Of course we agree that Google is a popular search engine that offers a distinct experience and a lot of benefits, but it can sell your search information and various data to advertising companies, which is considered a clear breach of the user's privacy and freedom to search for the products they want, and therefore the search engines that we will attach to this article will be considered the most appropriate solution to bypass this problem. 

One of their main functions is that they do not save any information about the sites you browse or track private activities.

Your onThe Internet, also what distinguishes this special type of engines is that they are easy to use and completely free, and some of them prevent even advertisements from appearing on the Internet.

Let's say that we will show you some new internet engines that many do not know include tools that you will badly need during the browsing process that you are doing In addition to its compatibility with all the features and modern browsing technologies currently, it is very likely that your experience will be better when you use these platforms to browse the Internet and it is not long ago that you dispense with your favorite platform in the search and make one of these platforms the default option on your personal device.


One of the search engines preferred by researchers, it is often called the "knowledge" engine because it provides information and details faster and better than the regular search engines, through which you can pose the question that haunts you, then the engine handles this question after Elsewhere and extract the correct answer.

The platform also supports the feature of completing exercises related to mathematics and explaining the first steps of how to accomplish each exercise. You can also easily solve problems of units of measure, physics questions, etc., it is already the engine of "knowledge".


A slightly different platform compared to the well-known search engines, the best thing about Yippy is that it is a family oriented search engine that does not display adult content at all, the site was developed specifically for users who are looking for a safe search environment and improve search skills, especially for children.

Like Google, you can search and access the best results from the huge database and directories on the internet, and get the maximum amount of relevant content.


What distinguishes this platform is that it uses proxy servers to get the best search results intended for users, as it cleans the web from tracking technologies and tracks users' activities, as well as removing ads from websites.

A platform designed to help prevent users from phishing scams online, it contains security features that prevent access to websites that could lead to your computer being flooded with dangerous spyware and viruses.


The most important feature of the platform is that it does not allow any party to store or save browsing data for users, and the site supports browsing all types of content such as videos, pictures, news, and so on.

The great feature on the site is available on a private browser to install on your computer, as the browser supports Google Chrome extensions, which you will find from here.