Ways E-Learning Empowers a Lifelong Learner



Ways E-Learning Empowers a Lifelong Learner

E-learning has countless advantages for students, such as allowing them to gain new skills, meet new people, and exercise self-motivation. The market is predicted to be worth $325 billion by 2025, with more and more lifelong learners joining the e-learning community.

Lifelong learning is self-motivated education, whether it be for personal development, employability or just to fill the time. It also has health benefits such as higher quality sleep, reduced stress levels, create new neural pathways, and even lengthen your lifespan.

If you, like 73% of Americans, describe yourself as a lifelong learner, why not incorporate a new, exciting method of education into your lifestyle?

Here are just a few of the ways in which e-learning can empower its students.

You can explore a wide variety of topics

Unlike the imposed curriculum in schools, there is no limit on what you can learn with online courses. Platforms feature a variety of subjects and activities such as knitting, painting, golf, physics, self-help, dance, and DIY. You can think outside of the box.

Learning does not stop at history and physics. The beauty of online learning is that you can explore multiple topics at once, and you can learn anything and everything that you wish.

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There is no one to urge you to learn and pay attention to classes with online learning. You need to motivate yourself to sign up for classes, create your own schedule, and complete assignments. You also need to motivate yourself to continue attending classes. Once mastered, this skill is highly useful in life. You are more likely to try new things, research subjects, and phenomena that interest you and achieve the best results that you can in your career.

You can set your own goals

Whether your goal is to cook 3 new dishes every week or to learn all of the circle theorems in mathematics, you can achieve them with online learning. You decide exactly what it is that you want to achieve.

The ability to create your own targets is hugely beneficial for individuals who wish to regain a sense of control, confidence, accomplishment, and satisfaction. It also helps to direct your learning focus and gives you a long-term vision.


Some e-learning platforms also offer the option of live tutoring calls, which involve the teacher conducting a lesson with a student in real-time over the phone or by video. This type of learning environment requires a confident student to ask questions about anything that causes them difficulty and to initiate discussions with the teacher.

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You can update your existing knowledge

Evidently, online learning requires knowledge of the Internet, new applications, and video calls. You can use e-learning to get to grips with technology and update the knowledge that you already have in a particular field. In this rapidly changing job market, technological skills are widely sought and almost essential. Even if you merely want to use online learning in order to develop the skills needed for your favorite hobby, you can use the knowledge you gain about technology to boost your career.

You will create connections for the future

When looking for work, you may have heard the famous saying ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’. Studies show that 60% of jobs are found through social networking. Expanding your network through e-learning can create many opportunities for you if you find yourself looking for a career.


With e-learning and online classes, you can organize your time to participate in lessons whenever you wish. Online video classes allow you to purchase the pre-recorded lesson and watch it from the comfort of your own home at any time that you wish. This means you can watch it on-the-go, on your sofa or outside in the sun. You can also watch it at a time that suits you, whether you are an early bird or a night owl.


Live tutoring calls mean that the teacher can tailor the lesson to cover the topics which interest you. Learning is more direct and suited to your needs and goals. If you have a particular goal that you are keen to achieve, you can let your teacher know directly and they can help you to succeed.

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Promotes active learning

Active learning requires engagement from the student, meaning that reading from a textbook is not sufficient. The presence of technology in online learning means that lessons can be more engaging and facilitate the interests of the learner. This type of learning allows more in-depth acquisition of knowledge and higher rates of memory retention.

Who wouldn’t want improved technology skills, a wider social network, and increased confidence as well as the health benefits attainable from lifelong learning?

Develop your skills, explore new subjects, and continue to quench your thirst for knowledge.