What is the exclusive Amazon Live service and how can you profit from it


What is the exclusive Amazon Live service and how can you profit from it

Amazon "Live" is a live broadcasting service that allows sellers to promote their products by hosting live broadcasts for customers on the Amazon store, and by clicking on the service options, shoppers, i.e. the customer, are given options to watch videos or live broadcasts of the products with the option to buy them directly. 

Also, these live episodes include asking questions and chatting with viewers to inquire about the proposed product, as well as the "follow-up" option put out by Amazon to enable shoppers to stay up-to-date with influencers, brands, and interests they care about on Amazon. They will also be able to receive notifications about Your brand, and they may be notified the next time you go live with the service's app.

Who can use Amazon Live to promote products?  

At the present time, Amazon Live only supports registered sellers and suppliers of their trademark, who are located in the US market, noting that the option is not available in other Amazon marketplaces, as well as with regard to the option to view the products before buying them.  

Where do I find Amazon Live Streams?  

In the words of Amazon, store shoppers can discover live broadcasts on several pages on amazon.com and the application for the service, and the option Livestreams can also appear in the box for product information belonging to the brand that is broadcast live, as well as across various sites. Amazon shoppers browse it, knowing that you can also configure your live broadcasts to display on your Amazon store, and all live broadcasts that are made can be found through the official link of the service and in the Amazon application, the Amazon Live section.

How to use Amazon Live?  

In order to do a live broadcast of your products that you market on Amazon.com, you will first need to download the official Amazon Live Creator application from Amazon, by the way, the application is only available for iOS for iPhone phones.  

Once you download and open the application, a main interface will appear that includes various options for the way you want to log in to the service, whether as a merchant, seller or marketer.

In the next stage, Amazon will ask you to enter the username and password of your seller account in order to be able to connect to your personal account and know exactly the products associated with your brand, and then you will end up in this interface, as Amazon includes a whole section about the best appropriate practices followed To properly promote your products, and when you think that you are ready to do your first broadcast, just click on this option.

 Through this page, you will be asked to enter a title dedicated to your video and to specify the background of the product and the rest of the information that will attract the customer.

When you click on the previous "add products" option, a list of all the products associated with your brand will appear for you to choose from the ones you want to promote, and then click on "Save" to find yourself on this new page.

Then you will find two new options, which are Boost your livestream and Engage with viewrs, ​​the first allows you to expand and expand your live broadcast to reach the largest possible segment, and the second gives you the opportunity to chat and communicate with viewers while providing a special link that can be shared with your email list or your followers on Social media so that they can follow your live episode, and after you decide to select the option that suits you, you will click Preview

All you have to do now is click on the "Go Live" option, and then you are in a live episode to directly promote your product with the users who enjoy watching you.

How can I be financially excluded from the service?  

Of course, the service is in the interest of the merchants who own brands and also the regular sellers who promote their products through Amazon, at the same time it is also applicable to marketers as it is a new way to earn commissions, according to Amazon, the live broadcast that you do appears in the interface of your Influencer store on Amazon.com / live, and your followers on Amazon are eligible to notify them on the Amazon shopping app when you start your live broadcast, which means that you are eligible to earn commissions from purchases made from your live broadcast episodes on Amazon, in addition to the additional earnings that you will earn in exchange for Visits you refer to your Influencer store.