5 websites to find royalty-free videos to use in your videos


5 websites to find royalty-free videos to use in your videos!

5 websites to find royalty-free videos to use in your videos!

Using royalty-free video can help improve your video project by adding scenes and clips of material that you really cannot capture, even if you are a professional videographer, using copyright free videos can save a lot of time as It is enough for you to download the videos that fit the topic of your project without the need to try to record them from the first, and we refer to the royalty

-free content to the videos that do not require paying a license fee for their use on the Internet, and the websites that we will show you will include royalty-free videos They can be used for commercial or personal purposes, but it should be noted at a point that not all content is free of these rights, as in some circumstances the clips that you use will have different ownership rights, for example indicating the name of the author or using the content only for non

-commercial and other purposes, and therefore care must be taken to ensure respect Rights of the content creator established by and Determined by the original author, and it seems that the video content has started to increase in growth in recent times, as users spend a lot of time watching the video clips and your videos are more than reading the content.


And publishing on video-uploading platforms, the most famous of which is YouTube. 

After we upload files, we find ourselves facing a problem that exposes our account to being banned or getting a violation of printing and publishing, and in order to bypass the problem, we will share with you the rights of the type of video in this article without reliable sources. Free .

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A great platform if you are looking for royalty-free content that can be used for free, whether for commercial or personal use, and as mentioned on the Licensing FAQ page, all of the videos posted on Coverr are free to use, and you don't need to provide any credit or Author's permission.  

The only limitation in Coverr is that you cannot acquire and sell the content that you get on the site on another place for example websites that specialize in selling videos, which is very logical.


The famous site for downloading free images, so you may not find video content as abundant as other websites, but this does not mean that you cannot find some good content on Pixabay, and according to the user agreement for the service, you are free to use all videos and images on without the need for Reference to the source or copyright, and this includes use for a commercial purpose.

In case the content is copyrighted, all videos or photos will be included with the Pixel license before pressing the download button.

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Videvo is a website for royalty-free video and audio content to support your project, but you must pay attention when using the site, because some different licenses are included, so when you visit any content on the download page you will get detailed information about the license, and if you want to access Complete with free content, look for the section on royalty-free videos.

The service provides a free plan to access unprotected content on Videvo, but other content requires a monthly membership, and you can find out if it is free or paid by describing each video or audio download page that you click.


Another royalty-free web platform that provides 4K videos for free download, and you can use most of the videos displayed on the site for professional purposes with the condition that the copyright is mentioned in the correct way as indicated on the content download page.


  Distillation is a royalty-free video download site, but it is somewhat limited in terms of content, and users can download 10 high-definition videos every 10 days, and the site also provides the option to filter favorite clips by categories.

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All content on the site is licensed under a Creative Commons Zero license, which means that you can use the content for commercial purposes as you wish without any permission from the author.


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