AH3231Q Datasheet



AH3231Q Datasheet

Two-Wire Hall Effect Switches with Self Diagnostics offer High Sensitivity and Stability Performance in Automotive Applications 

The new group of the car consistent two-wire unipolar (AH323xQ/4xQ) and lock (AH327xQ/8xQ) switch coordinated circuits (ICs) from Diodes Incorporated gives high affectability and high solidness over the wide working temperature range. Both the AH324xQ and AH328xQ switch ICs accompany incorporated self-diagnostics for checking the principal gadget blocks, supply voltage, and temperature, the unusual condition will be demonstrated by the third yield state. 

The high-level chopper-balanced out plan gives prevalent soundness of the attractive working and delivery focuses (BOP/BRP). At the point when the security is combined with a high ESD rating of 8kV, worked backward hindering diodes, and supply pin Zener clasp, it permits the AH32xxQ arrangement to meet the requesting necessities of car nearness/position detecting applications. 

The two-wire lobby switches utilized in the gadget diminishes the number of wires needed in the tackle. This lessens the framework unpredictability and cost simultaneously improves heartiness to the electrical commotion. 

With a 2.7V to 27V working voltage and - 40˚C to +150˚C temperature range, the new ICs can be utilized in car vicinity and position-detecting applications, including safety belt clasp, power window, gear selector, and seat position. 

The AH32xxQ gadgets come in the SC59 bundle and they are able to AEC-Q100, fabricated in IATF 16949 ensured offices, and backing PPAP documentation. The AH324xQ and AH328xQ have a unit value beginning at $0.40 in 3000 piece amounts, while the AH323xQ and AH327xQ start at $0.36 in 3000 piece amounts. 

Highlights of AH323xQ/4xQ and AH327xQ/8xQ Switch ICS 

Unipolar: AH3231Q, AH3232Q, AH3233Q 

Lock: AH3270Q, AH3271Q, AH3272Q 

Yield Polarity: Direct: AH3232Q, AH3233Q; Inverted: AH3231Q 

Wide Supply Voltage Operation: 2.7V to 27V 

Temperature Coefficient: 1100ppm/°C (AH3232Q, AH3233Q) 

High ESD Rating: HBM = 8kV, CDM = 1kV 

Temperature Range: - 40°C to +150°C

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