download all official Microsoft products with one click



An exclusive, unknown service to download all official Microsoft products with one click!

Microsoft provides it to every customer, especially if you are working with one of the company's products such as Windows, for example, the store for downloading popular applications and programs is called the Microsoft Store, which was previously known as the Windows Store, and it is very similar to the Google Play Store for phones that run on the Android system, and it is An official source for downloading programs and games in Windows, and they prefer it to many to download their applications because of the security and safety of the applications in it, and the store contains many categories that can be downloaded, ranging from games and entertainment and applications ..Etc., except that it usually does not contain the option to download Windows, for example, or a package of Office applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel, and for this reason many resort to downloading these programs from outside the store and specifically on external sites that are often questionable, which includes software and Viruses that threaten the privacy of your personal files, what many do not know is that there is an unknown foreign service that allows downloading all Microsoft products in one place and with the click of a button, and the beautiful thing is that the service is very safe, according to the testimony of members of the users' forum on the Microsoft website itself. Where all the programs in this service are connected to the official servers of the Microsoft Store and are loaded securely on them.

First, we go to the official page of the service, then we select one of the Microsoft products that we want to download.  

As in the picture, the service supports almost all Microsoft products, and it is enough to choose the service you want to download

In the next stage, you will choose the type and year of release and all the information about the product, and in my case I chose "Microsoft Office 365", and once you click on the "Download" option, the download will start immediately.

Through the "search" option on the site, you can enter the tariff for the product that you want to download or enter its name. The direct links for downloading will simply be uploaded.