Firefox 84 on Android supports grid display of tabs



Earlier this year, Mozilla made available its redeveloped Firefox browser from the ground up on the Google Play Store, and this launch was followed by a large group of updates, which would restore many of the features that were present in the old version, and today, there is new, and that Firefox 84 release also has performance improvements.

With regard to the add-ons provided by Firefox 84 to its users, there is a new option to display tabs, depending on the "grid view" design, and similar to the way Chrome and old Firefox organize tabs, the menu display is still by default, but you can change it by opening the tabs page Tab, and press "Tab Settings" from the menu.

Also, the “Downloads” interface has been updated and the option to delete files without leaving the browser has been added. Meanwhile, Firefox 87 has begun working with the WebRender configuration engine on devices equipped with Mali-G GPUs, which has greatly improved performance in typical web browsing. And, actually, WebRender is enabled for most devices with Adreno GPUs, so after this release, the technology should be available for the vast majority of Android phones and tablets.

Finally, Firefox version 84 is already available now on the Google Play Store, and in case it doesn't reach you, wait a few more days, and if you don't like to wait, simply download it by sideloading the APK from here . 

Firefox 84 update version on Android