New 10 A H-Bridge Driver ICs for Brushed



New 10 A H-Bridge Driver ICs for Brushed 

Toshiba Electronics has presented the TB9054FTG and TB9053FTG, two new drivers ICs for brushed DC engines that use progressed DMOS FET innovation to accomplish a low RDSON esteem. The TB9053FTG conveys an unprecedented low Rth of simply 0.67K/W in a QFN40 thermally upgraded power bundle. 

The new H-connect gadgets are AEC-Q100 Grade 1 qualified and backing temperatures up to 150°C intersection temperature. The more prominent practical joining close by the smoothing out of interfaces permits the driver ICs to essentially add to the cutting back of car electronic control units (ECUs). 

High-accuracy engine control can be executed with the SPI interface (or through direct PWM control whenever liked). This permits port decreases in the host microcontroller to be figured out. Alongside the current checking and current restricting highlights, the underlying diagnostics permit continuous execution and user perception. 

Substitute 2n3904 transistor

The Driver ICs are secured by over-flow, over-temperature, and open burden insurance systems. This new driver ICs can be utilized in applications, for example, ETC, EGR, power reflect collapsing, little fans, flame broil shade, camera or OBC cover activity, in addition to delicate force entryway opening/shutting frameworks. 

Highlights of TB9054FTG and TB9053FTG ICs 

PWM control yield 

Forward/turn around/brake modes 

Current cutoff control: Chopper-type current limiter 

Hello side yield current checking capacity (CM1 and CM2 pins) 

Open-load location: During activity/non-activity Diagnosis yield (DIAG1 and DIAG2 pins) 

H-connect mode/Half-connect mode selectable with OSEL1 and OSEL2 

Low-power rest mode 

Through-current anticipation circuit 

AEC-Q100 Grade 1 qualified 

Note: More specialized data can be found in the TB9054FTG and TB9053FTG Datasheet connected at the lower part of this page and on the item pages of TB9054FTG IC and TB9053FTG IC.

TCKE712BNL eFuse Datasheet

Component Datasheet