R1278S Datasheet


 R1278S Datasheet

Component Datasheet


R1278 Series of 36V Synchronous Step-Down DC/DC Converters with Built-in Drivers for Automotive and Industrial Applications 

Ricoh Electronic Devices has presented the R1278 arrangement, a 36V most extreme evaluated coordinated advance down DC/DC converters with worked in drivers for both car and mechanical applications. 

This new gadget has a working recurrence at 2 MHz and effectiveness of 87% and keeps up the yield voltage steady when there is a drop-in info voltage by diminishing a changing recurrence to the base of 1/4. The Interference impact of the AM band is little as the gadgets accomplish EMI commotion decrease by utilizing a spread range clock generator. 

Highlights of R1278 Series 

Info Voltage Range (Maximum Ratings): 3.6 V to 30 V (36 V) Operating Temperature Range: −40°C to 125°C 

Start-up Voltage: 4.5 V 

Reserve Current: Typ. 4 µA 

Yield Voltage Range: 3.3 V to 5.0 V 

Input Voltage: 0.64 V ±1.0% 

Outside Synchronous Clock Frequency: 1.8 MHz to 2.2 MHz 

Warm Shutdown: Tj = 160°C