The Internet is an expanding and complex world


The Internet is an expanding and complex world

The Internet is an expanding and complex world, and for many it is simply a means of communication and entertainment, while others take it as a center for the development of their projects and businesses and a place for study and learning. 

In fact, dozens of sites and services that provide services and services for all their services have emerged Websites, businessmen, or even users of social sites ... etc., but unfortunately many of these services are still unknown to many and are not well-spread despite their great benefits, such as the great benefits and social media, and people often spend their time on social platforms. 

Note that the number of users of the pioneers of these social media sites was approximately 2.5 billion active people, which means that it takes a big space in our daily life, and a large group here suffers from its addiction virus, and in this article we are not going to talk about the statistics and amounts of time that we waste on it, but rather to bring you closer to the dangers of these sites and We tell you about the appropriate recommended way to take advantage of the time that may be wasted on these platforms in light of the availability of operational services in a large network such as the Internet, and therefore in this article we will review three tools provided by these sites without costing you a cent and that can impress you when you try them In your browser.

1. Share your screen to meetings  

Video conference programs provide the ability to share the screen in meetings between members, and a service like Join is a suitable option for that, noting that it does not skimp on the advanced functions that we find in other similar, well-known services.  

The site gives you the option to create custom meeting links to suit your business type, brand, or personal taste, and you can also customize your meeting room with wallpapers and icons while sharing your screen with up to 10 free participants.  

2. Create secure and self-destructive messages   

If you have ever used Snapchat before, the feature provided by Privnote might sound familiar to you, when creating personal messages using this link, you can set it to auto-delete after a specified period of time or after the recipient reads it.  

Since the messages are deleting themselves, you don't have to worry about their content getting into the wrong hands.  

3. Create documents phonetically with Dictation  

The process of creating documents phonetically without the need to use the writing keys to enter letters may seem really fun, and it is a feature that is integrated with some phones, which means that computers lack the function, given that the desired space for everyone while writing documents is the computer, and for this reason comes a service Dictation to fill this barrier, a service that allows the option to dictate via voice over the Internet and create complete documents in a web browser while tapping your computer's microphone to convert the sound waves it captures into digital text  

The documents that you create in Dictation can be saved to common formats such as plain text or PDF files, and you can also tweet your documents and listen to them via text-to-speech, and the most beautiful thing in this is that the site's command prompt program picks up sound well, which means transcribing Your documents quickly.