second Wi-Fi technology, hidden


second Wi-Fi technology, hidden

The second Wi-Fi technology, hidden in your phone, does not use it

The WiFi Direct technology that goes back to the first phone I use which is LG Optimus Black is one of the important technologies in Android phones, but it is often not used by a group of users due to ignorance of information about it or how to use it, this technology we will try in this new post to identify it and what will benefit you, although Its appearance was more than 6 years ago.

First, you can access this technology by clicking on the settings or settings on your phone, then entering the wifi section as in the picture

When you enter the wifi section, you will find all the networks near you and also this feature at the top, and if it does not appear for you, it is sufficient to just press more and it will appear for you

Now that you click on it, it will do a full scan of the devices that have unlocked it as well

Here comes the role of this technology, by pressing any device and waiting for approval from it, you can make a connection between the two devices together without the need to rely on a wireless network surrounding them with HotSpot or the router, and after making the connection it allows files to be exchanged between two phones more quickly because it depends on Wi-Fi, We can compare it to the feature of exchanging photos, videos and files in general using Bluetooth technology , but the difference here is that wifi direct uses a wireless WiFi connection, which makes the process faster as I mentioned.