Top 3 fake calling apps


Top 3 fake calling apps that will amaze your friends and save you from embarrassing situations!

The application stores are full of many programs capable of doing many things that were impossible in the past even to think about, including some applications that are able to change the user's voice while making phone calls or other applications that make fake calls. The fake was developed with the sole purpose of making fake calls with friends for the sake of pranks and having fun, but let's say it helps in some situations where we find ourselves stuck in circumstances we want to avoid and escape from, for example the conversation seems boring and useless, then The presence of a fake call application on your phone will be a must, and the fake call in its definition can be said to be those types of calls in which you do not get a fake call from anyone, but it makes your phone ring to notify you. Applications that enable fake calls to be made on the phone, today we are through theseThe new blog will show you the three best apps that give you this incredibly fun experience.

Fake Call - Prank. 1

The first application in the list that allows users to set the name and number of the caller and even his picture to show the caller's identity in a fake way, you can also set a custom voice or ringtone for the caller, not only that, but you can also record the voice of the caller that the victim will listen to while answering the call, generally an application Good in case you are thinking about making a prank and deceiving your friends.

Fake Call 2

One of the oldest and most popular applications for making fake calls, it has many interesting features and it should be noted that the free version of the application comes combined with ads, so this step can be annoying to some, and in general the application is very useful for making fake calls because it comes supported by many The backgrounds that belong to the call interface will convince those around you that the call is real and not fake.

Face Income Call 3

The application is famous for helping people who are in embarrassing situations to get out of it, in case you want to leave a conversation that seems boring or you just want to make a joke related to a fake incoming call, this application is a suitable option for that, and through it you can easily create an incoming fake call in With a few simple clicks, the app also gives you the option to schedule the call in advance and other great features.