Transferring the receiver's software from any Sun Plus


Transferring the receiver's software from any Sun Plus device to a Nova 2021 device

If you suffer from your Sun Plus device from very slow and constant vibration, the easy and completely simple solution is to transfer the receiver's softwares from any Sun Plus device to a Nova 2021 device.
Advantages of converting your receiver's software to a Nova device
1 - Adding the best Arab IPTV magazine, which is Xiaomi magazine
2 - Your device will become much faster after the transfer than before
3 - The device's performance and appearance will be completely different from the above
4 - It will make you benefit from the free period with the Show Me server trial
5 - The Mr.Audio feature, which is the best feature of the original Nova receiver, as it is characterized by the distinctive Arabic commentary for direct matches.
6 - You can add the IPTV feature by pressing the INFO button
7 - All Soft Receiver transfers are available for all Sun Plus 1506, 1507 and 2507 devices
8 - All transfers support the receiver with 4 GB internal memory
9 - All the transfers below support the receiver with 8 GB internal memory
How to download Transfer Receiver software without any problems
1 - Start by downloading the type that belongs to your device only from the files shown below
2 - Install the external flash on your laptop
Format the flash and make it Fat32
4 - Get the files completely inside the flash drive
5 - Install the flash drive inside the receiver
6 - Never disconnect the device
Link software conversion software for 1507g devices and 2507l devices Wi-Fi external and internal
If your device is 1507 Flash 8D Soft Transfer
If your device is 1506 Flash 8D Soft Transfer
If your device contains an external Wi-Fi, this conversion software
If your device contains built-in Wi-Fi, this transfer software
The software link in one file