WhatsApp will not work on these smart phones as of 2021


“WhatsApp” will not work on these smart phones as of 2021!

The WhatsApp application has spread greatly during the past two years, which made it in the foreground in the classification of the most used chat applications. 
This application is not absent from any mobile phone, regardless of its type and characteristics. 
Hundreds of millions of people around the world use it, simply because it provides a free service that allows users to communicate with each other smoothly between mobile devices and their supporting office computers, and the application is known by its multiple features such as encryption and encryption.
 Another aspect of the application will stop working on a number of smart phones, including some iPhone and the famous Android phones, as WhatsApp decided to stop support permanently for a group of smart phones and phones operating with phones and phones. 
A special edition forThese platforms, and reports confirming that WhatsApp has made a decision to end support for these phones and systems, and according to what the company said on the Frequently Asked Questions page on its website, users of some old operating 

systems or operating systems will not be able to embrace this. WhatsApp had already terminated the validity of its application on some BlackBerry and Nokia devices for the first time in 2016, and in 2017 the list arrived to include a limited number of Android phones, Windows iPhones and iPhones that work with old versions of operating systems.

IPhone phones that will be covered by the ban in 2021:

According to reports near WhatsApp, the application will not support all iPhones that do not contain the operating system iOS 9 or above, and therefore devices such as the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 6 and 6S will need to update their operating system. To iOS 9 or later to continue using WhatsApp, unlike the 6S, 6S Plus and first-generation iPhone SE devices that will not be covered by the ban, the company said.

- Android phones that will be covered by the ban in 2021:

WhatsApp will stop working permanently on smartphones that have an earlier version of Android 4.0.3, and some versions of mobile devices such as HTC Desire, LG Optimus Black, Motorola Droid Razr and even Samsung Galaxy S2 will not be able to obtain licenses to use WhatsApp. It is noted that Android phones are somewhat not covered by the ban, unlike the iPhone series.

How can I continue to use WhatsApp if my device is in the list?

Some devices will be able to continue using the application if their operating systems have been upgraded from the phone manufacturer to support the system recommended by the WhatsApp company, otherwise you will be forced to purchase a new smartphone.

How do you know the version number installed on your phone?

Android: Go to Settings, then choose "About System", and the type of update installed on the phone will appear.

iPhone: Settings, then General option, and there you will find information about the software version that has been installed on your device.

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