Windows 10 Gamer Z (Zero) 2009.19042.662 x64 US Dec-2020


 Windows 10 Gamer Z (Zero) 2009.19042.662 x64 US Dec-2020

English Language + Updates - Month / 12/2020 + Version Size - 4.80GB + pre-activated
Windows 10 Gamer Z (Zero) Build: 2009.19042.662 Name: Windows 10 Professional Version / Build: 2009.19042.662 Architecture: x64 (64 Bit) Language: English (US) Author: Animeware Patch: December 2020 OS Size: 4.80GB Compression: ESD Activation: Activated Requirements: Processor: 1Ghz or better RAM: 2GIG or more Minimum Hard Drive Space: 25GB Graphics Card: DirectX9 capable or better New Features: New Icon Sets tons of it Task manager icon been changed New Sound Media from Windows 10 Remix New Cursor it's RED Style like old version it had. I added my own Collection Windows Desktop Wallpapers from Windows 10 Remix Removed: All Languages except English All Keyboards except English Removed other Editions Windows Media Center Floppy Drive and all Floppy Drive components Solitaire Collection Get Started One Drive Removed Windows Easy Transfer Windows Speech Kept: Windows update should work fine Windows Store Windows Edge Windows Media Player Internet Explorer Windows Recovery Sounds Add Language should work. All other components are kept Features Included: .Net 3.5 .Net 4.8 Hyper-V Legacy Components Virtual Machine Platform Windows Sandbox Windows Subsystem for Linux Flash Player Thank You: I wanna Thank @Dark Wolf for sharing Windows 10 2009.19042.662 December 2020 Edition Without You this wouldn't be possible.

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