A new technology that allows face recognition with


A new technology that allows face recognition with

A new technology that allows face recognition with 99 percent accuracy even with wearing a muzzle!

With the generalization of the use of medical masks during the conditions in which we live with the spread of the Covid 19 pandemic, one of the most prominent technologies that appeared in the recent period, which is the face recognition technology, has become aware of great challenges, knowing that this technique is used in many necessary and important areas in our life Daily.

The well-known Japanese company NEC indicated that it developed a new face recognition technology, this technology is able to recognize faces even if their owners wear medical masks, with a great accuracy of 99.9 percent, and even if the users are in a crowded area, the technology Able to identify faces very accurately.

The Japanese company NEC has many customers regarding its face recognition technology, not only in the security aspect, but also in other fields such as airlines, and it is also testing the same new technology on the automatic payment system in its own store based in the Japanese capital Tokyo Which may help in light of this pandemic to alleviate the crowding that occurs during payment in stores.

And previous security reports say that before the onset of the Coronavirus crisis, face recognition systems often failed to recognize between 20 to 50 percent of the faces whose owners wear masks or face covers, which confirms that NEC technology will be distinctive.