Bitcoin exceeds the $ 40,000 cap


 Bitcoin exceeds the $ 40,000 cap

البيتكوين يتجاوز سقف 40.000 دولار أمريكي

Since the last months of last year 2020, Bitcoin has become one of the main and important topics in the news of the digital world almost daily, due to the continuous rise of this digital currency, which is the unprecedented rise since its official launch in 2009, as it is clear that this The rise is continuing.

In a very short period, Bitcoin succeeded in breaking successive records on the level of gains, as it crossed a few weeks ago the symbolic threshold of 30,000 dollars, which has remained steadfast for a long time since the first and largest rise of Bitcoin above the barrier of 20,000 dollars during the year 2017, but this time we have become We are talking about another rise, which is the value of Bitcoin exceeding the $ 40,000 ceiling, which is something that many optimists had never dreamed of.

And the value of Bitcoin during the past hours reached 40,367 US dollars, before it returned again to losing some profits, so that the value of Bitcoin now stabilizes above 38,000 US dollars, and expectations also indicate that the future value of Bitcoin in the coming years to between 100,000 and even 200,000, while Bitcoin is now the most important digital currency in the world, with a total value of $ 700 billion.

In addition to the current Corona crisis, the large turnout of institutions and individuals to acquire bitcoin has greatly contributed to the increasing rise in the value of this currency.