Four tools professional to help you with marketing


 Four tools professional to help you with marketing

Here are four professional tools that will help you with Instagram Marketing the right way

Here are four professional tools that will help you with Instagram Marketing the right way

Instagram today ranks as one of the largest social media platforms for sharing photos and video clips in the world, and it is also a suitable place for advertising and marketing products, as it has been reported that Instagram is currently the ideal place to promote videos, images, etc., etc. 
An appropriate number of followers and real activity on your accounts, as the largest accounts are now hundreds of dollars for one post on Instagram, which reveals the importance of having an account with a significant number of real followers, in this post we will suggest to you. 

The apps that will help you create attractive and professional posts that will help you market your account to reach the right audience and get followers in the perfect way.

Story marketing in Instagram is considered one of the best marketing options now. It requires that you publish new content constantly, and if you do not have a specialized team working to manage your Instagram account, this may be tiring and difficult, but through the "later" service. "You can schedule your content on the Instagram platform professionally, the service allows scheduling Instagram updates and stories without your interference."

The only place you can add a clickable link to your Instagram profile is via the resume option, which is often not sufficient for brands looking to build their business presence and redirect traffic to their own sites.

To bypass this, we will use the Linktr service, which enables the creation of an easy-to-use custom page, through which you can define your account and put all your links, in order to help direct your Instagram followers to your other channels and related web pages.


Professionally designed Instagram stories can help maintain your brand's reputation in the minds of your followers, if you have more than 10,000 followers, you can also add external links to your Stories, thus having an additional resource to get free visits to your site.

Unfold offers a set of perfect Instagram story templates and designs that can help you distinguish and diversify the content of your stories, in addition to their professionalism.

Finteza service is a platform based on monitoring conversion, analytics and passwords in linked Instagram accounts, the nice thing about it is that it is very easy to set up and use it and there is no need to get additional training to know how to use the service, and all you need to do is add the tracking code and then install the plugin WordPress for Finteza, then log in and monitor your analytics.