How to add YouTube channel subscribe button to Blogger blog


  In this explanation, we will address, God Almighty, the way to add the subscription box to the channel in the Blogger blog in a professional manner, of course this method will be by adding a specific code in the blog.

Some of you may ask, why should I add the subscription button to the blog? 

The answer is to be a participatory relationship between the blog and your channel. If you have a YouTube channel, you must create a blog for this channel and vice versa. If you have a blog, you must create a channel on YouTube and the reason is duplication in profit. Do not be satisfied with profit from YouTube only, but also about The blog path is also from the same visitor who will watch the video and profit from it, and after watching the video, you will transfer it to your blog and profit from it as well.

Also, visitors who come to the blog directly, you should benefit from them and convert them to your YouTube channel to profit from them there as well, and most importantly, you must tell them about your YouTube channel and want them to subscribe to the channel, as it is the best way to get a permanent customer for the blog and channel together. 

One of this is the way to add the subscription box so that it appears on the blog's home page and in the sidebar. The way to add it is easy. Go to the blog and then layout, then in the sidebar settings choose Add Tool and choose  HTML / JavaScript addition 

Set this code 

<script src = ""> </script> <div class = "g-ytsubscribe" data-channelid = " UCjX_j2_aa0A-9FAFRYKubMQ " data-layout = "full "data-count =" default "> </div>

Noting that the ip of the channel has changed in the red color of your channel's ip