IHXL-1500VZ-51 Datasheet


 IHXL-1500VZ-51 Datasheet


IHXL-1500VZ-51 Through-Hole Inductor 

The new through-opening inductor IHXL-1500VZ-51 from Vishay Intertechnology has been intended to convey a 420A immersion current for a 30% inductance decrease in a minimal 1500 case size. Offering low common DCR down to 0.12 mω and nonstop high-temperature activity to +155 °C, the new gadget is reasonable for sustainable power, mechanical, and telecom applications. 

The IHXL-1500VZ-51 help up to 150 An of persistent DC in a protected, minimal estimated 38.1 mm by 38.1 mm by 21.9 mm bundle, consequently they can supplant bigger contending arrangements in high current information channels and DC/DC converters for high temperature modern and sun based, and wind power applications, notwithstanding exchanging controllers, differential mode and lift power factor remedy gags, and telecom base station power supplies. 

The IHXL-1500VZ-51 gives high protection from warm stun, dampness, and mechanical stun, it can likewise deal with high transient current spikes without hard immersion, offering delicate immersion of 20 % at 195 % of evaluated current. 

Highlights of IHXL-1500VZ-51 Through-Hole Inductor 

High temperature, up to 155 °C 

Protected development 

Recurrence range up to 5.0 MHz 

Handles high transient current spikes without immersion 

Super low buzz commotion, because of composite development

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