Increase the RAM space on your phone


 The RAM in the phone or any other electronic device is one of the very important pieces of hardware that helps the phone to be fast or slow, so the larger the RAM area, the better the phone’s performance, regardless of the RAM area, sometimes applications if they are many in the phone and consume the RAM in The background is very natural that greatly affects the performance of the device, so the Android settings have a hidden option that helps in accessing applications that consume RAM and stopping them away from the applications, and it is nice that the performance of your phone will improve greatly after doing this process.

All you have to do is go into the phone's settings or Settings and then search for developer options like in the picture
 Next, find the Running Services option and click on it like in the image 
Now you will see some statistics about the amount of RAM consumption from the system, as well as the applications and the freed space, and at the bottom you will find the applications that consume RAM, so all you have to do is click on any application 
Then you press stop as in the picture: 
In this way, after pressing stop for applications, watch the space freed up will be larger than before, and this will ensure faster performance of your phone. It is also recommended to do this process from time to time and monitor applications that consume RAM without noticing it.