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 Download Photoshop with a direct link, as it is one of the most important graphic programs, as Photoshop is one of the strongest and most famous design programs and is produced by the giant Adobe company, and professional designers use Adobe Photoshop to create professional designs and effects on images as it contains a lot of tools, features, options and menus The program makes it the strongest and best in the field of graphic design, editing of images and adding effects to them, and Photoshop is a universal program used by millions of users from all over the world and the program supports many languages ​​of the world, including Arabic, and that makes it a program that combines strength and flexibility in the use of the program and dealing With him.

Photoshop program

Adobe Photoshop features

  • An intelligent and powerful program in dealing with images and graphics, as it provides advanced capabilities for graphic designers, websites and photographers.
  • With Adobe Photoshop CC Extended, you can work with 3D images and designs in a stunning way as you can enhance your 3D and motion-based images.
  • Photoshop helps photographers to improve photographs in a sophisticated way, revise and color images and add effects to them, as it is considered the best photo editing program.
  • You can also, through Photoshop, create professional graphics that help art makers, as the program can also be used to create advanced artistic videos.
  • Photoshop Extended is a program designed to help many people in different fields such as architects, artists, manufacturing, science, medicine, artwork, video, 3D, multimedia.
  • It is possible through Photoshop to install images professionally, as it contains a set of tools and capabilities that help to make any adjustments to images in a stunning and professional manner to the maximum degree, as it is the best program that deals with images.
  • Photoshop can be used in the field of advertising, through which advertising panels can be made, advertising brochures design, logos and logos design for companies and everything related to printing in this broad and multifaceted field.
  • Adobe is working on developing and updating Photoshop and adding new features and features constantly.
  • The program works on various Windows operating systems and supports many languages, including Arabic.

Photoshop information

Official site: Homepage
Version: Adobe Photoshop CC 2020
Compatible with: Windows 7 - Windows 8 - Windows 10
License: Trial

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