Download Screenshot Captor for PC for free

 Software imaging screen Screenshot Captor from which you can take a picture or a snapshot of the computer screen keypress Screenshot Captor button is a program free shooting captures images with high accuracy which is one of the important programs for any user of the computer , for example , if you want to shoot a window in front of you to see a friend or someone offers you support service Technician or want to take a screenshot of the screen for the purpose of explaining something or with the aim of reminding yourself of an event, so the screen imaging program is an important program for all users, whether a novice or professional user, and the program is easy to deal with as you can through the program make adjustments to Photos through a set of tools in Screenshot Captor .

Screenshot Captor

Features and characteristics of Screenshot Captor

  • Free program and easy to handle.
  • The screen capture program has a simple interface.
  • The program is fast and light on the device and does not put pressure on the computer.
  • With Screenshot Captor, you can capture an entire screen or the entire desktop, or a portion of the screen or a specific window.
  • The program has a set of tools that enable you to make a set of adjustments to the captured images.
  • There is a group of photo editing and editing tools with which you can crop pictures or make specific effects on pictures such as adjusting brightness, color and other effects.
  • You can write on pictures, control the size of images, and reduce and enlarge images easily, which are useful features for anyone who provides explanations on the Internet.
  • It contains a set of tools that deal with scanner images and correct them.
  • Ability to take a picture from Webcams by adding ESR.
  • Screen capture feature with Scrolling Capture, so you can capture the entire screen, a useful feature for those who want to photograph a long page on the Internet.
  • Screenshot Captor supports many file extensions like jpg, png, gif, tiff and other popular extensions.

Screenshot Captor information

Official site: Homepage
Version: Screenshot Captor 4.31.2
Size: 8.45 MB
License: Freeware
Compatible with: Windows XP - Windows 7 - Windows 8 - Windows 10