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 Program Tim Fior of the most important programs of technical support where helps TeamViewer program to control any computer remotely easily while maintaining the security and privacy at the same time, the program Tim Fior used by many users of different interests and specialties it helps you to provide assistance to your friend or any other person Another or vice versa so that your friend or a specialized person can provide you with help and technical support at any time and with the click of a button, and the TeamViewer program contains many other features and features such as making a text or voice chat or via the camera, and you can also create an account on it for easy communication with others, program is TeamViewer useful and practical in providing technical support and remote control computers can also through providing training courses on - Line with ease.


TeamViewer features

  • Control any computer remotely with great flexibility and ease.
  • With TeamViewer, you can have written, audio and video chatting.
  • The TeamViewer interface supports many world languages, including Arabic.
  • You can provide remote technical support and assistance services to anyone, and also remote training.
  • The company developing the program is constantly updating and developing the program.
  • The program provides you with security, protection and privacy, as it makes you in control of everything that is done on your device.
  • File Transfer feature, with TeamViewer, you can transfer files from one device to another with great flexibility and ease.
  • Screen capture feature TeamViewer has the ability to capture the screen while controlling the other device.
  • High level security as the program uses secure data channels with key exchange and RC4 session encryption, which is the same security standard used in the https / SSL protocol.
  • Work and performance on Windows operating systems TeamViewer works with Windows operating systems with flexibility and high efficiency so that you will not find any obstacles during operation or problems of any kind.

Technical specifications of TeamViewer program

Official website of the program: Homepage
Version: TeamViewer 15.13.6
Size: 27 MB
License: Freeware
Compatible with: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10