Factory Star Net 9000 Bluetooth remote



Factory Star Net 9000 Bluetooth remote
The  factory soft  for the
Starnet 9000 device with Bluetooth
software, the  factory is  on the rom to
solve the problem of the load or the lack of the Wi-Fi connection, and
after that, do a factory setting after the software came out,
try the Wi-Fi
and download the new update
from the online list I created and
forget any other problems

Download way

- answer memory stick
2. Tafrmt memory stick
3. Develop a soft on USB stick
attached memory stick drawn on behalf of the endowed
4- ride in the device USB stick

5. unbroken fallow final
6. After CDDA reached fallow device
Htlahz on which the device is a USB stick Bashab
Sepah sincere limit What is done to the end


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