Five applications you should have on your phone

Five applications you should have on your phone now, hurry to download them before everyone else

Developers and application makers are constantly innovating new applications to improve the experience of using smartphones and tablets, and according to statistics, the number of applications in the Google Play Store is estimated at more than 1.5 million applications, which makes it difficult to track them and know which of them is the best to choose the applications that are required Download them in our devices, some of these applications are supported by advertisements, a step that may bother some people, but that does not mean that these applications are bad at all, and despite the many criticisms about the large time we spend on our phones, we use our phones. Smart and its applications that are constantly evolving to make our lives more easy and efficient if used properly, in this article we will share with you the five best new and free applications, which will not only help you be more productive as much as they change the way you use your smartphone.


Ratio app that helps keep everything organized in the phone, turns your home screen into a perfectly categorized apps section into squares, and you can manually navigate these apps as you wish, whether you use WhatsApp, Telegram or Instagram, you can access messages And even messaging software settings in one place.

The application provides the option to show the amount of time you spend daily on applications, and this appears on the right side of all classified applications, and there are also a set of customization settings that you can modify in the manner that suits you. 

The end of the month is one of the most difficult moments for everyone, because it means paying all your monthly bills, whether your paid subscription services from Netflix, Amazon Prime or other online payments, Billbot claims to help you with that, and it is an app that keeps all Your expenses online, through which you can adjust your income at the level of each month or a new year, and it allows you to check the monthly total and the amount of the pending amount and even it provides you with an annual estimate, and the application features a simple and very easy user interface that we recommend.

If you want to try something new from an aesthetic point of view in your phone, you may have to root your device, sometimes it is small things like volume sliders that make the difference, and this application can change the feature of the sound sliders in your phone from many The different shapes that you can choose from, including iOS, Samsung's OneUI, OxygenOS ... etc, and all of this without rooting your device.

A very simple application, you only need to choose the style of the sound chip that suits you and press the start button at the top and you will be able to see the style you chose on your screen, and remember that this will not allow the sound quality of the phone to be amplified, it will only change the way you interact with the volume slider .

If you use a large number of devices that are linked by Bluetooth technology, be it a pair of TWS earbuds, Bluetooth headphones or just a smartwatch, then the Bluetooth Audio Device Widget app will be very helpful.

 A simple application that welcomes all Bluetooth devices that have previously been connected to the device to link them easily, and it is a very useful option especially if you want to connect to specific devices quickly, as you will not waste much time searching for settings to find your devices, all you need through the application is a click One only for connecting to your Bluetooth devices, you can also change the connected devices icons to your liking, and the tool allows switching between connection and media profiles, and it also displays the current device battery percentage

There are many applications that allow you to organize your day by providing you with tools such as to-do lists and notes, and an application like Memorigi allows this with a kind of professionalism and simplicity, the application has a lively, colorful, fun and easy-to-use user interface, and add notes and to-do lists on this The application is very easy, and the application focuses on your daily tasks, which are the first thing that is displayed once you open the application.

You can create your daily tasks and add them to the preset lists or you can create one manually according to your desire, and you can also add alerts to send a notification as soon as the deadline arrives, and you can also add notes within your main lists to keep things organized, and you can check the calendar and your progress To see how many tasks you have completed throughout the week.