Flash dump Flash Star Magic 777 STAR MAGIC MINI 2 USB



Flash Star Magic 777 STAR MAGIC MINI 2 USB

 Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you.  Information about the  processor, the  Sun Plus, the  size of the flash is  8 mega  USB 2

 A good receiver is widespread in the Arab market. The device belongs to the family.  Star Magic The  receiver is small in size. It supports HIGH definition technology,  and the abbreviation of the word is (HD) high definition, which is a technology that allows you to view photos and  videos with high quality and this is the distinction between devices  HD and digital devices The  device has several languages. One of the most important languages ​​for the receiver user is English. 

The device has 2 USB ports for the viewer, video files and  MB3  audio files,
and a review of images, and through the (USB) entrance, you can   update the receiver from
 software, download modern channel files,  and solutions after receiver problems. The device is also
 very fast in doing the search. For channels, you can do a network search  and a manual search. You can
make favorites for worldly channels, sports news for children, movies, series, movies, and many more packages
Channels You can lock a channel with a password, arrange the channels, and delete a channel