Flash dump GRAND 999 HD dump


Flash dump GRAND 999 HD


A flash drawn from the USB stick, the GRAND 999 HD receiver, and here is the device information

The GRAND 999 HD receiver has a SUNPLUS 1506T processor, the size of a 4 mega-flash

Treatment of the device's problems in downloading the wrong software and file channels. The device stopped on the red lamp

And other problems of downloading files that are not suitable for the device. The solution is to charge a flash drive through the loader on problems

Flash device 100% guaranteed after trial

Important, the flash is suitable for charging through a loader, flash drives for sun devices, and is not suitable

Charging through the programmed flash charging and for the loader settings are modified on DDR to

DDR2, and to you, a special loader for charging Sun Plus devices that is compatible with a receiver

GRAND 999 HD and devices with SUNPLUS 1506T processor

Flash drive