Flash dump MAFIA X MAX



A flash drawn 16-megabyte MAFIA X MAX receiver cures most of the device's problems 

The original flash, drawn through the USB flash, to treat the problems of the device, suitable for updating the device from

 During the USB flash drive in order to solve the problems of the device, stop on the word Load, and here is information about 

The MAFIA X MAX receiver has a SUNPLUS 2507L processor

  Flash size 16 MB 

Explanation of the solution to the problem of stopping the MAFIA X MAX receiver on the word Load

Decompress a flash file by one of the files decompressor program 

Modify the flash file name to the name rom 

Copy a flash file to a USB flash drive  

Then connect the USB flash drive to the USB port and the device is closed from its power 

Connect a cable to an HD screen or a regular TV in order to continue the progress of downloading a flash drive

Turn on the receiver, follow the progress of downloading the flash file to a TV screen 

Wait until the flash scanning process progresses until it reaches 100% 100

Wait again, the process of introducing the flash drive will be done until it reaches 100% 100

After the download is finished, a very important flash drive, disconnect the USB flash drive so that it does not re-download 

The flash file again, then restarting the receiver, the solution was done and your device was restarted

 Once again running without a loader or opening the device 

very important 

Delete the flash file from a USB stick or save the flash file on a computer

Flash drive