How do I fix my Surface Pro 4 screen flickering


Surface Pro 4 is a first-class tablet that likewise brings the force of a PC. Since the delivery, this is highly sought after however an ideal opportunity to-time different issues are accounted for by the client. 

In one of my previous articles I portrayed how to fix Surface Pro 4 won't turn on and today I am here with another disturbing issue – Surface Pro 4 screen gleaming or shaking. 

According to the clients, the entire screen or the piece of the screen begins gleaming. Numerous clients have discovered details about the issue on the Microsoft Community official site

Greetings Microsoft Team, 

My Surface Pro 4 screen is flashing after some utilization particularly the screen begins gleaming from the taskbar and bit by bit spreading to the remainder of the screen. This is irritating to the point that I can't play out my errands on my surface and need to restart. 

As of late, I am have run over posing inquiries in networks identified with screen glimmering issues on surface expert 4 and I have perused the appropriate responses from the Microsoft group and played out the investigating as needs are yet at the same time, the issue continues. 

The PC is under 4years old and going over these sorts of issues. 

I demand the Microsoft group to investigate the issue and resolve my issue on a needed premise as I have put a ton of sum into buying a Surface PC. 

This is without a doubt quite possibly the most aggravating issue however fortunately there are fixes that work for you to fix the Surface Pro 4 screen gleam issue. 

On the whole, realize what causes screen gleaming on Surface Pro 4? 

For what reason is My Surface Pro 4 Screen Flickering? 

The Surface Pro screen glimmering generally shows up subsequent to utilizing the PC for a moderate time. Also, this makes the gadget heat up inside and later on exchange the warmth to the screen. 

All things considered, this is a planned imperfection in-worked in the gadgets which are having all the preparing torque behind the screen. It is seen the issue shows up on certain gadgets in this way Microsoft dispatches a substitution program that permits you to supplant the Surface Pro 4 inside a 3-year buy 

Other than this, the issue potentially happens because of flawed equipment too. In this way, here it is recommended to follow the arrangements offered underneath to tackle the screen glimmering issue, prior to reaching Microsoft uphold for supplanting the Surface Pro 4.

How Do I Fix My Surface Pro 4 Screen Flickering?

Solution 1 – Fix Surface Pro Overheating Issue

In most cases, the issue is related to the Surface Pro 4 overheating, so here it is suggested to prevent it from overheating by following the tips given below.

  • Check and stop the unwanted program from running in the background from the task manager
  • Install the latest Windows update
  • Also, update the systems Firmware
  • Clean the dust and ventilation section
  • Lower or disable the Intel Turbo Boost
  • You can also use the Surface Diagnostic Tool

The given tricks work for you to prevent the Surface Pro 4 from overheating and alternatively the screen flickering issue is also resolved.

Solution 2 – Fix the Hardware Problems

Moreover, it is also found that the Surface Pro 4 screen flickering issue is caused by the hardware problem.

So, first, check the hardware components, follow the steps to do so:

  • Place your Surface Pro laptop in an open area where there is no interference. For example, if there is a magnet around Surface Pro 4, then it can interfere with the screen and cause screen flickering so check for the magnet near your laptop.
  • Check your cables are plugged in properly to your Surface Pro 4. As the loose cables can cause the flickering issue.

Solution 3 – Modify the Screen Refresh Rate

Well, the refresh rate of the display also causes an effect on the input lag. So, in this case, try changing the screen refresh rate as this may works for you to fix Surface Pro 4 screen flicker or shaking issue.

Follow the steps to do so:

  • On your desktop > right click on the empty area then click Display settings.

Surface Pro 4 screen flickering

  • Then in the Settings app > click Advanced display settings

Surface Pro 4 screen flickering

  • Next click Display adapter properties for Display 1.

Surface Pro 4 screen flickering

  • In the popup window > click the Monitor tab > in Screen refresh rate > choose 60 Hertz > click Apply > OK.

Surface Pro 4 screen flickering

It is estimated this works for you and stop the Surface Pro 4 Flickering screen problem.

Solution 4 – Install Surface Pro & Windows Update

If the above solutions won’t work for you then here it is suggested to try the Microsoft official solution.

Microsoft has released an official statement about the Surface Pro 4 screen flickering issue and mention it as a “scramble” that is hardware related issue.

And only the Surface Pro 4 devices facing the issue of any structure comes under the replacement program.

Anyways before replacing Surface Pro 4 make sure to read the official statement carefully and follow the steps to install the Surface and Windows Update on your laptop.

This will hopefully work for you to fix Surface Pro 4 screen flickering or shaking issue.

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So, this is all about the Surface Pro 4 flickering problem. I tried my best to list down the possible solutions to solve the screen flicker problem on Surface Pro 4.

Hope you managed to solve Surface Pro 4 screen flicker or crumbling problem by following any of our solutions.

But if still the issue Surface Pro 4 flickergate then the only option left is to contact Microsoft Support and go for the replacement process.