How To Use Ali 3510d And Ali 3510c Processors


How to uUse Ali 3510d  and Ali 3510c processors 

Hello my brothers, today I will share with you a receiver user, processor on 3510c, processor on 3510d, processor on 3510e, processor on 3510g, processor on 3510a. But before I share your loader tool, you need to know your loader tool. 

What is a loader and how to use it? Sometimes, during software upgrades or repair due to a software bug or other error, our receiver device becomes dead or stuck at the red lamp. 
So, in this case we have two ways to restore and repair our receiver.
 We can restore the software using the loader tool, and the second option we have is to charge the Bios flashing programmer, which is mostly available in the programmer. 
But in this post, I will discuss the loader tool.
 Loader is a computer program that every manufacturer of satellite receivers provides for its users to use during any damage or loss. To recover our receiver we need 3 basic things.

 (1) A computer. 
(2) RS232 cable f 
(3) Download tool. 

We hope you know something about computer or laptop, so I don't need further discussion about computer.
 What is an RS232 cable ? To put the software in our Box, we need three main connections RX  ,  TX  and  GND  from receiver to computer or cable.

 Therefore, we need to connect to our computer or laptop, STB, or receiver.

 In this case, we need a specific cable called the cable  Rs232  or the DB9 .

 You can buy an Rs232  cable at any local electronic market or from any satellite dish mechanic store, even you can also buy from any online store.

 Rs232 cable for laptop user.

 If you have laptop user and want to use all this process on laptop, then you need to buy two cables one is Rs232 to  USB male cable, second is Rs232 female to female. 
These two cables are not very expensive.
 And you can buy easily from any online marketplace or online store.

But it should be noted that we need to upload the software to the receiver through Ch341 or Ch340 IC, so when purchasing an Rs232 USB cable , you have to ask the shopkeeper to give you an Rs232 USB cable with Ch340 or Ch341 supported IC. Otherwise, the loader will not operate.

Rs232 cable for computer / computer users. If you have a computer or a computer and want to use the download tool on it. Then you have to buy one simple RS232 female to female cable. And you can do the whole process with this single cable.

RS232 cable / mini jacket. To do all these operations our receiver must have a jacket or an Rs232 port. So nowadays the receiver mostly comes without an external RS232 port. 
In this case, we need to insert another Mini Rs232 cable into our receiver. 

You can also take this mini Rs232 cable from any satellite receiver mechanical store or you can also remove it from any other old receiver.

When you have arranged all of the above things according to your requirements then you then need a uploader regarding your satellite receiver processor.
 There are many satellite receiver manufacturers with different processors. But in this post, I am going to share with you the processor loader on me. You can use the following bearing for the following board panels.


Here are all the loaders