Master PDF Editor 5.7.20 full with


Master PDF Editor 5.7.20 full with

Based on the information provided in the change log for each version of Master PDF Editor, here is an attempt to rank the updates based on the significance of the changes and improvements:

1. Master PDF Editor 5.9.40:

   - Change log not available for this version.

2. Master PDF Editor 5.9.35:

   - Improved scanned documents processing to retain colors when removing backgrounds.

   - Extended localizations.

   - Fixed various issues, including update check, crash upon text object modifications, OCR language downloading, processing black-and-white documents, opening files in read-only directories, and Page Range behavior changes.

3. Master PDF Editor 5.9.30:

   - Updated icons on macOS.

   - Expanded and updated localizations.

   - Fixed issues with importing bookmarks, incorrect display of signature data, opening the last page when deleting, moving pages between documents, Home and End keys in full-screen mode, document display in "Fit to Page Width" and "Fit to Page" modes, document scrolling, and various interface issues.

   - Fixed text encoding issue for some PDFs and other minor fixes and improvements.

4. Master PDF Editor 5.9.20:

   - Added various new features like "Delete all comments" buttons, continuous view button, design theme selection on macOS, display settings for information and interactive form content, and more.

   - Significantly improved background fill color detection for OCR and digital signature functionality.

   - Improved mouse behavior in single page view mode and print dialog interface with the "Multiple" mode.

   - Fixed issues with restoring comments, scanning from file on macOS, dragging tabs, inactive "Even or odd pages" selection in printing dialog, and several issues related to bookmarks and interface.

5. Master PDF Editor 5.8.32:

   - Fixed multiple issues on Linux and macOS.

   - Added scanning preset functionality in Linux.

   - Added native colors support for macOS.

6. Master PDF Editor 5.8.20:

   - Fixed several different issues.

7. Master PDF Editor 5.7.90:

   - Enlarged menu on "Pages" tab and added export for selected pages.

   - Reworked Take a Snapshot function with improved image creation and DPI information.

   - Added various new features, including file merging from Windows Explorer and Linux command line, progress bar for image export, quick creation of comments, and more.

   - Fixed various issues related to text, PDF display, saving, and application crashes.

8. Master PDF Editor 5.7.60:

   - Improved work with digital signatures.

   - Fixed several different issues.

9. Master PDF Editor 5.7.53:

   - Fixed several different issues.

10. Master PDF Editor 5.7.40:

    - Fixed several different issues.

    - Updated localization.

The ranking is based on the significance of feature additions, improvements, and the number of issues fixed in each version. The latest version (5.9.40) does not have a change log available, so it is not included in the ranking. Keep in mind that the ranking may vary depending on individual preferences and specific use cases.

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