The paid version of Canva Pro is free

The paid version of Canva Pro is free

An exclusive way to get the paid version of Canva Pro for free for one year!

The popular design site Canva provides a simple experience for users that allow them to create and edit professional photos and graphic designs in the best possible quality. The site is equipped with a variety of great functions that make the photo editing experience very simple and fun, including drag and drop options that will definitely make you feel satisfied. 

When using Canva, with it you can create a logo, book cover or design a blog for any project, make birthday cards or wedding party invitations or design invitations, as well as design photo collages and balloons and flyers. 

The Canva application by adding an amazing touch to the design and you can start creating your designs from now without the need to have a prior experience in the world of design, the site supports all smart phone operating systems by installing the application for the service, and it can also be used directly on the Internet without downloading anything If you are using a computer or Jealous.

Some of the professional designs you will find in Canva are provided by the site in the form of a paid version and you can only take advantage of them after paying for them, however students who have an educational email address can get the free Github Student Developer package, which includes the Canva Pro design service Which is priced at $ 119 per year for free for the same period, and thus can enjoy all the features paid for Canva, such as saving pictures in Full HD quality, distinctive designs, resizing, a transparent background, and many other features for free.

To take advantage of this offer, you will need to go to this link and click on the "Get Your Pack" option

Then you register your account on the GitHub website by entering your educational email, which usually ends in the Edu domain, and entering the rest of your correct personal information.

After that, you go to the mail that you registered with and do the message that you will receive from the GitHub site, and then you will find this very important interface and you will first re-enter your educational mail if asked to do so, and then name the educational institution in which you study in the second option, and in The last option, in which you write the purpose and the reason for which you want to enroll to take advantage of the paid package from Github Dev, and after clicking on "Submit", you are waiting for the site to review your request

Here is the form of the email that you will receive when your request for paid membership for GitHub Dev has been accepted

After accepting your request, you go to this link , and register on this page to get Canva's paid package, which is valid for one year for free