The tool sends an alarm your data has been leaked


Check out the new tool that lets you know if your data has been leaked on the Internet

Everyone is aware of the dangers of data breach, when large amounts of user information are leaked, those involved have the right to tamper with this information and exploit it to carry out criminal acts, including identity theft and infiltration into personal data, especially banking and others, and it seems that there are many The data breaches that made headlines in technical news in recent months, most recently when the credit card information of millions of tourists was leaked in the "travel" data breach a few months ago, and if you are concerned that your information is part of the data breaches, you can check it Based on the new tool CyberNews service , this free tool will help you identify whether your data has been leaked so that you can take measures to protect your information.  

How does this tool help detect leaked data?  

According to statistics, the process of hacking personal data from websites every day and it is published in various forums or places on the web, and this information often ends up being offered for sale on the dark web to be used in a range of cyber crimes, including identity theft and doing With phishing campaigns and spam, to avoid falling victim to these types of crimes, it is possible to check whether your email address has been leaked via the CyberNews security tool .    

Use the CyberNews tool:  

All it takes to use the tool is your email address, you will enter it into the search tool on the site and the service will check it inside the existing database to see if your information has been compromised, and the search results will appear on the same page.

While other tools work similarly, the advantage of using CyberNews' data leak checker is that it detects information breaches of more than 15 billion hacked accounts, and the information in the CyberNews database is hashed using the bcrypt encryption algorithm to detect the leaked accounts, one of the most popular algorithms. Securely available retail, in addition to that, the site does not store or record your information during the examination process, and the efficiency of the site’s service can be verified by entering the two leaked mail addresses of the most famous programs such as NordVpn, and you will find that the site classifies it as leaked.

How to protect yourself if your data is disclosed?  

If you find that your information has been included as part of a data breach, you need to take some steps to keep you safe, namely:   

Change your passwords: 

Change the passwords for all of your accounts that use the leaked email addresses, and use unique passwords for each account instead of generic or similar passwords from one account to another.  

Get a password manager: 

It is recommended that your passwords be as strong as possible to protect your accounts, and password managers can help create strong passwords and protect your accounts while ensuring that the password is never forgotten.  

Using two-factor authentication on personal accounts:  

Two-factor authentication, or 2FA, can also help protect your personal information, and 2FA authentication adds a second layer of security to your accounts by completing two separate login steps. 

The tool sends an alarm your data has been leaked

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