TikTok app launches a new feature on its platform


In a very short period of time the famous Chinese video application TikTok has turned into one of the most successful applications in its field, attracting millions of users across the world and has become a real competitor to applications that preceded it for a long time, but despite this, the Chinese application is subject to a lot of criticism from users and followers. .

And TikTok announced that it has started employing a new notification system, and the task of this system will be to inform users in the event that they try to publish a video that contains false, incorrect or misleading information, or if they watch this type of video, which will limit its spread on The platform, considering that social networking sites have become an important space for the spread of this type of content in the recent period in particular.

Despite this, the specialized Chinese social media platform already contains a system for verifying the authenticity and reliability of the content posted on the platform, but it is the first time for the application to add a feature to notify users about the content posted or viewed by them on TikTok and its reliability. .

And the Chinese application TikTok had been subject to a lot of criticism and even the threat of a ban in the mandate of former US President Donald Trump, who was threatening to ban the application on US soil.