BlitzWolf BW-HL2 review


BlitzWolf BW-HL2 review

BlitzWolf BW-HL2 audit: The smartwatch that rivals the Honor Watch

I'm back with an incredible survey and you know what, this time, I have a smartwatch of BlitzWolf brand. It is my extraordinary delight to invite you to the BlitzWolf BW-HL2 audit. I can guarantee you that you will totally be stunned by the smartwatch on the off chance that you begin utilizing it.

By following this audit, you will comprehend the highlights and functionalities of the incomparable BW-HL2 smartwatch. Anyway, what are we hanging tight for? How about we proceed to discover what this model of BlitzWolf smartwatch needs to astonish you.
Presenting the BlitzWolf BW-HL2 smartwatch
I comprehend that you need to know nitty-gritty data about the smartwatch. Indeed, it is exceptionally straightforward. I will disclose to you everything. In any case, let me first show you the things you will get with the bundle.

The substance of the bundle is:

Excellent watch

USB charging link (Magnetic)



Allow me to cause you to see a portion of the boundaries through this BlitzWolf BW-HL2 audit. The smartwatch has a 200mAh battery which gives a capacity of 5-7 days and it can labor for 20 days as a reserve.

You will appreciate this office. You can associate your telephone with the BW-HL2 smartwatch utilizing Bluetooth variant 5.0. In this way, you can work the smartwatch and every one of its highlights through your cell phone. The heaviness of the smartwatch is just 55g. Subsequently, you will think that it's entirely agreeable to use it as a clock. This model of BlitzWolf smartwatch has a component of 260*47*12mm.
BlitzWolf BW-HL2 survey: Features

The BW-HL2 smartwatch has countless highlights to be talked about. Truly saying it is hard to get everything except for I will attempt to cause you to comprehend however much as could reasonably be expected. The smartwatch has countless sensors to utilize as an ideal wellness tracker.

It has a blood oxygen sensor, pulse sensor, rest observing sensor, pulse sensor, and so forth You will actually want to realize your body condition effectively and naturally. The BlitzWolf smartwatch gives you the office to utilize various game modes like running, swimming, cycling, strolling, and so forth What more you need from a smartwatch. It can check your means, calories and can be utilized as a stopwatch. In this way, these are a portion of the incredible highlights of the smartwatch.

First Use

We have arrived at a significant period of the BlitzWolf BW-HL2 audit. Here you will see how you can unload the crate and use it interestingly. With regards to a matter of unloading the case, there will be a need to mount the wristband without help from anyone else which is exceptionally vital. At that point, it will involve thinking yourself to discover the best approach to cut it however there are little circles to demonstrate you. You can change the lash of the BlitzWolf smartwatch and you should be viable.

At the point when you unload the BlitzWolf smartwatch, you will get a completely fueled battery to utilize the watch right away. It is something extraordinary to have. You don't have to stand by to taste the watch. As straightforward as possible that, you can change the splendor of the BW-HL2 smartwatch whenever as fundamental. The framework is extremely basic and effectively debatable.

Pair your telephone with this BlitzWolf BW-HL2 smartwatch

In the event that you are stressed over whether you can work the smartwatch, I should say that, don't be. Since the BlitzWolf BW-HL2 survey will tell you everything. There is a choice to associate your smartwatch with your telephone. You can watch the manual to see how it ought to be finished.

You will get a connection to the FitCloudPro application in the manual of the BlitzWolf smartwatch. What you need is simply download that from the play store to work the watch through your android telephone. This will empower you to know the wellbeing information, design the caution, and diverse wellness data which will be fundamental.

After some season of utilization…

Presently how about we know how the BlitzWolf smartwatch acts in the last piece of the BlitzWolf BW-HL2 audit. You will surely adore the outcomes I have here.

I have utilized the smartwatch for half a month and what I have about the watch are:

Every one of the highlights is excessively cool

Splendor is awesome

Independence is great

BlitzWolf BW-HL2 audit: Small Regrets

You will know it all from this BlitzWolf BW-HL2 audit. The BlitzWolf smartwatch has a couple of issues with a portion of the highlights however not a huge issue by any means. The first run-through, when I mount the handle, I discovered one moment of inactivity to turn the watch on which is certifiably not a major issue. Yet, I felt somewhat confounded. There may make an issue regarding giving charge in light of the fact that occasionally the charger becomes trunk however it works impeccably. 

The BlitzWolf smartwatch would have some more modes like yoga, working out, and so on Generally speaking, the help of the smartwatch is phenomenal. You can get it without having any uncertainty in your brain.

BlitzWolf BW-HL2 Review — Affordably Priced Samsung Galaxy Watch Alternative?

The BlitzWolf BW-HL1 failed miserably. It was far too basic and simply did not function. With the BlitzWolf BW-HL2, BlitzWolf attempted once again! What a contrast! This smartwatch is so much superior that I can't wait to write a review for it. This is how I expect a smartwatch to perform: it looks fantastic, it functions extremely well.

Introduction & Specifications

After owning numerous smartwatches, I know what I want and what a good smartwatch should provide. We recently reviewed the (not so great) BlitzWolf BW-HL1 and the Withings Steel HR, a hybrid smartwatch. The BlitzWolf BW-HL2 resembles the Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch in appearance, but does it perform similarly? I have high expectations based on the specifications!

Brand: BlitzWolf
Model: BW-HL2
Color: Black, Brown (Leather). Grey (Silicone).
Bluetooth Version: V5.0
Compatible OS: Android 4.4+, iOS8.0+
Operating Mode: Full Touch Screen + Button
App Name: FitCloudPro
Waterproof: IP68 (Deep waterproof)
Health Monitoring: Heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen
Battery Capacity: 200mAh
Standby Time: About 20 days
Using Time: About 7 to 10 days
Charging Time: Around 2 hours
Charging Type: Magnetic cherger
Screen Size: 1.3"
Resolution: 240x240 pixels
Sensors: G-Sensor, Hear-rate sensor
Length (strap): 205mm
Width (strap): 20mm
Product Size: 47.6 x 55 x 12mm
Product Weight: 49g
Package Content: 1x BlitzWolf BW-HL2 Smart Watch, 1x Charging Cable, 1x User Manual


The box is simple, roughly identical to the BlitzWolf BW-AT1 or BlitzWolf BW-HL1, but clean and appealing. The model name is on the front, and minor specifications are on the back. Aside than that, there is no additional information on the box. When you open it, you'll notice the BlitzWolf BW-HL2 watch on top, with the charging cord, manual, and watchband underneath. There was no waste of materials or plastic, thus it was a job well done!

Hardware & Design

When I first opened the BlitzWolf BW-HL2, it reminded me of the Samsung Galaxy Watch, despite the fact that they don't appear identical. The design, the way it's operated, and the overall sensation all remind me of that watch. It appeals to me. This is a good-looking alternative to the Samsung Galaxy Watch, and it's a lot less expensive.

The band is comfortable and sturdy, although it is not made of leather. It's actually silicone with a layer of leather on top to give it a leather appearance. The dial's materials are superb and robust, as I would expect from a BlitzWolf watch. The button clicks effortlessly and isn't too large to be bothersome or stick in your arm. The heart rate is hidden on the back of the watch.

How To Operate?

You can experiment with the BlitzWolf BW-HL2 by using all of your senses (and the one button on the side). This mode of operation appeals to me more than, say, the Zeblaze Hybrid. It's another reminder of the Samsung Galaxy Watch because it's all touch. Sliding, clicking, and long-pressing all work well, and the BlitzWolf BW-HL2 responds rapidly and effectively, with the watch nearly never failing to register my touch.

Swiping right on the watch brings up a menu with options such as starting an activity, measuring your heart rate, and finding your phone. Swiping left displays your daily sports data, while swiping right displays your heart rate. You can access your notifications by swiping up.

Battery Life

Personally, I believe you should be able to use a smartwatch for at least a week. Fortunately, with typical use, the BlitzWolf BW-HL2 can endure for a week. If you don't start a lot of activities and simply use it for steps, notifications, and maybe your heart rate once in a while, you'll probably survive more than a week. After only 2 hours of charging, the BlitzWolf BW-HL2 is ready for another week of smartwatch use. Amazing!

The magnetic charger that clicks on the rear makes charging a breeze. You won't have to worry about water leakage or anything because this method is watertight.


The software is basic, but it does the job. I'd prefer see BlitzWolf use a single app for all of their smartwatches than multiple apps for different models. The Da Fit app is used by the BlitzWolf BW-HL1 and BlitzWolf BW-AT1, whereas the FitCloudPro app is used by the BlitzWolf BW-HL2.

The application is straightforward, yet it gets the job done. It's incredibly simple to add the smartwatch, and you can simply view your daily progress on the home page. The app works well and the menus are easy to navigate because they are in logical places, but it feels a little too simple, and I hope BlitzWolf develops their own app with a better design and UX. It's still possible to get

If you are an Android user, CLICK HERE to download the FitCloudPro application.
If you are an iOS user, CLICK HERE to download the FitCloudPro application.

How To Connect?

The BlitzWolf BW-HL2 connects to the FitCloudPro app in the same way that the BlitzWolf BW-AT1 does. After you've downloaded the app and signed up for an account, you'll be prompted to set up a device. 

The BlitzWolf BW-HL2 will appear nearly instantaneously when you search for it, and all you have to do now is click Connect. It only takes 5 to 10 seconds, and that's all there is to it! The link has been established. This is quite simple and manageable for any user.
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Watch Faces

Custom watch faces are unfortunately not possible to use. BlitzWolf designed and selected five watch faces that should appeal to a wide range of people. Classic watch faces, futuristic watch faces, and colourful watch faces are all available. 

Personally, I prefer the one shown at the top of the page, but you can choose from any of the five or mix and match to feel like you're wearing a different watch every day of the week! I'd rather see the ability to customise and update watch faces, like seen on the Xiaomi Mi Band 4.


The BlitzWolf BW-HL2 displays notifications in a clear and readable manner. As seen below, you can choose from a vast selection of apps. WhatsApp, WeChat, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat are among the most popular and widely used apps. You'll never miss another notification with the help of all those apps. Simply enable them in the FitCloudPro app and you're done; notifications will now appear on your wrist.


A smartwatch that lacks features isn't a smartwatch at all. Other smartwatches from BlitzWolf include the BlitzWolf BW-HL1 and the BlitzWolf BW-AT1. All of them offered the features you'd expect from a smartwatch. 

The BlitzWolf BW-HL2 also has a number of other functions, such as heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, activity tracking, notifications, and other health tracking features. Everything performs a little bit better and looks a little bit prettier on this model, exactly like it did on the latest edition of the BlitzWolf BW-HL1. Let's take a closer look at the features.