Chinese software to modify the USB supplied


Chinese software to modify the USB supplied

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. May the
peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you.

Devices supported by the program,

Truman 555, 666, 777, and 888,
Truman Plus 333, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999, Truman c processor,
Truman 9000,
Truman 170,
Truman, 999, Truman CAM,
2010, Truman
Option, processor, Troman, CAM, 150, Truman, 2010, Truman, processor,
190, C,
Express, Truman, 190, X, processor.
Truman 190 mx
blue star 666 usb
Humax 777 usb from back
orient 999 plus usb
peko bfr-999 usb
Prifix 7300 usb
Qmax 2050 usb
royal 9500 usb
star magic 777 usb
star v7 usb
star sat sr_100pv usb
sky vivo 1900 zx usb
tiger -ag 999 usb
topsat 1000 usb
Citi sound 9650 usb
camex 780 i usb
C max 999 usb
dreamer 400 usb
Express x977 usb
FTX SAT 999 ubd pvr
homax h-5500 usb
master-tech-7777 usb
Humax 777 usb of the Imam by
jac Ngr-Au5 the usb
Joke 999 the usb the
Matrix 999 a Gold the USB
Omix 9999 the usb
power 's star is 9000 the usb
Prifix of 7000 the usb
Pauxis Px-9000 the usb
ROYAL 888 the usb
ROYAL the SKY the RS - 6100 the USB
Sanwo sat 's Str-1900 the usb the
SMART sat 's 9700 the usb
star is Original 999
stronger gold alm4300 usb
SUPER MAX 1500D USB Many devices The program supports all 2 mega flash drives

For the many questions about the software modification program, Chinese devices equipped with USB, 2 mega-flashes - without a monopoly, the
form of the program, an

explanation of this on the fast

Program properties

Modification of all software components, definitions of Toner and Panel, modification of backgrounds, merging of codes and channel files,

modification of the background image without fatigue, just choose any image you have and the program will set it automatically


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